Trump shakes-and-yanks French First Lady’s hand

Donald Trump arrived in Paris this morning, and true to form, shaked and yanked French First Lady Brigitte Macron.

Trump has been criticized before for his odd penchant of yanking the arm of whomever he is shaking hands with, in an apparent show of dominance.

French President Emanuel Macron famously yanked back when he first met Trump a few weeks ago. Which really ticked off Trump, according to press reports.

And now Trump meets the French First Lady and yanks her arm like one of the boys he’s trying to dominate. You can see how entire body move to the right as he yanks her. He simply can’t help himself.

Trump-yank-french first-lady-francex

Trump then, later, commented on First Lady Macron’s looks:

For more background on Trump’s creepy shake-and-yank handshake, CNN’s Jeanne Moos did a great synopsis, with video!

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  • cheryl

    Did you see how she pulled Melania closer, as if to say, “Get me away from your creepy husband!”

  • cbel58

    Trying to pull her closer for a kiss. Purvert!

  • brel1

    How can anyone support this gawd awful excuse for a human being?

  • Bill Lewis


  • toc001

    Creepy as F.

  • TangledThorns

    I’m here for the liberal tears.

  • Kenster999

    When Trump shook Putin’s hand, it was very polite and respectful — no pulling. He knows who the alpha is.

  • Gaberaxx

    No woman is safe around this creep.

  • Niblet58

    Too bad she isn’t a martial arts expert in order to flip him on his fat ass.

  • That’s a good point.

  • Ketchup with his overcooked steak!

  • UncleBucky

    More evidence of his mental disturbance.

  • Badgerite

    “Ketsup?” Snort/sniff to expel some noxious air. “Non.” #Stephhead.

  • Badgerite

    He can’t ‘dominate’ Macron. So he is dominating his wife. What an ffffffffffffffing turd.

  • Demosthenes

    In related news, French chefs are frantically Trump to locate ketchup to serve Trump when he orders steak pomme frites.

  • Badgerite

    I did notice. So should everyone else. I also noticed Putin’s smug condescension to trump.
    And everyone else.

  • Betty Aberlin

    he’s a predator. his defense will be that she smelled so delicious he couldn’t resist. he’s a bully who does not relinquish her hand even when she tried to step back.

  • cmrosko

    Notice, he didn’t do anything like that with Putin. He’s such a huge pathetic ass hole…The sooner him and his crew are gone the better…

  • Rockman Rock

    The guy is a bonafide imbecile.

  • I sometimes wonder if he just can’t help himself.

  • minidriver

    What the actual fuck? Drumpf gets shown up by President Macron so the cheeto has to do the arm yank crap against his wife? Just to prove in his tiny little mind that he’s a ManlyManMan?

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