Polish First Lady disses Donald Trump

The Polish president Andrzej Duda and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, greeted the Trumps on their arrival in Poland.

And it appears the Polish First Lady dissed the American president.

More specifically, she paid homage to Trump’s wife Melania, who, as usual, was being treated by Trump as extra baggage.

First, there’s Trump, the Polish president and First Lady, and Melania on the outside:

Then the Polish First Lady makes her move. Trump thinks she’s coming to shake his hand, and extends his:

But oh no, Mrs. Kornhauser-Duda passes Trump by and makes a beeline for Melania instead!

Just look at Trump’s face. Melania is going hear about this tonight.

This is reminiscent of what French President Macron recently did to Trump — pretending he was going to shake his hand, then at the last minute swerving to the right and shaking Merkel’s instead. My friend Max found the Macron video:

And here’s Trump in Poland:

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nevertheless she persisted

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17 Responses to “Polish First Lady disses Donald Trump”

  1. noodle says:

    Show the entire video and bone up on protocol in other countries.

  2. noodle says:

    This is fake…stop it. Show the whole video

  3. shogunmaster says:

    It’s not fake news. She obviously snubbed him. She came back to him after cus you still have to be civil. But she was making a point to skip over him and even made him look foolish doing so.

  4. Glen Thompson says:

    And yet another dress from the Barnum and Bailey collection.

  5. Tim says:

    Diane, The video linked on this site did show the Polish First Lady turning to shake hands with Trump after shaking hands with Melania. So I am not sure what you are going on about?

  6. Diane R says:

    I’ve seen this story everywhere, but if the entire video is played it shows the Polish First Lady shaking hands with Melania first, then immediately turns and shakes hands with Pres. Trump. Always good to show the entire video, not just half of it. Fake news again, not surprising though, so much fake news going around these days. BIG YAWN FAKE STORY. Don’t give us the whole story ever.

  7. Badgerite says:

    That crowd sounds about as excited as Washington DC looked during his ‘inauguration’.
    Did they at least get a meal or something after being bused into to provide an audience for Hair Twittler.

  8. The_Emperor says:

    I don’t blame the Polish First Lady. She obviously didn’t want to get Stupid on her hand.

  9. Brian Quinn says:

    Polish Women arent very gracious to begin with.

  10. Quilla says:

    Nice move, Mrs. K-D!

  11. Zorba says:

    Do we want our president treating female world leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel with disrespect? Which Trump did.
    You have to give respect in order to deserve respect.

  12. We don’t. But there’s little choice at this point. Someone has to stand up for decency.

  13. Maybe he’ll have an aneurism.

  14. Not everyone is going to kiss Cheetolini’s ring…

  15. Niblet58 says:

    I guarantee you this, the second someone else takes over the dissing will stop. It isn’t the office they are offending it is the thing that is in the office.

  16. Jimmy says:

    It’s always humorous when a woman puts Trump in his place, but I find myself wondering if the Trumpification of diplomacy is good thing. Do we want people treating the President of the United States with such disrespect? Even if the president is Trump?

  17. Teddy Flyfisher Davis says:

    Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…LOL trump must have been fuming inside…

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