AP brutally fact-checks Trump

The Associated Press wrote a beautifully wicked fact-check of Donald Trump this morning. It’s so good, it’s downright sassy.

AP walks through a variety of issues, including Trump claiming: that former FBI Director James Comey is a “coward”; that Comey broke the law by releasing his notes of the meeting in which Trump tried to kill the FBI’s probe of Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia; that “money is pouring into NATO”; that Trump doesn’t know Comey; that Democrats are obstructing Trump’s appointees and agenda; that Comey’s testimony “vindicated” Trump; that Obamacare is in a “total death spiral”; Trump’s claims about Obama’s stimulus; Trump’s EPA chief lying about new coal jobs and climate change.

Rather than summarize the story, just go read it. It’s good.

associated pressI’d rather talk about what the story represents. It’s a rather strong story, with a strong voice, for AP. AP, like Reuters, traditionally has a more staid “just the facts, ma’am,” approach to journalism. This, however, is written more in the style of the Economist, with the voice of a real person behind the story, and someone who’s not willing to put with any BS.

I suspect this is a pushback against the Fake News phenomenon, which includes what the Russians did during the election, but also the lies that Donald Trump spews on a regular basis, putting him in a uniquely dishonest category for presidents. The media is finally fighting back, and rather than simply striving for balance — which often leads to a he-said-she-said article that simply regurgitates GOP lies as though they’re perhaps a valid argument — the media’s goal is now truth.

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5 Responses to “AP brutally fact-checks Trump”

  1. Badgerite says:

    Of course James Comey is telling the truth. It isn’t even a question. It wouldn’t even be a question if we had a somewhat normal occupant in the White House and we don’t. trump has admitted it. trump Monster Jr. has admitted it. The only question would be whether his trying to get Comey to shut down the Russia investigation and subsequent firing of Comey when he would not was done with the intent to obstruct the investigation in order to protect himself and his cronies.
    And it seems rather obvious even to a dope that the answer to that is yes he did.

  2. Badgerite says:

    Better late than never. It is not always a matter of ‘opinion’. In fact usually it is not a matter of opinion at all. There such a thing as objective truth. And the greatest abuser of truth that I have ever seen in my life, other than the modern day GOP, fixed news and the Russians, is the current illegitimate occupant of the White House. Oh wait. I left out Alex Jones.

  3. And yeah, I do worry that it may be too little too late.

  4. Niblet58 says:

    About bloody time…. but I fear it is way too late to latch that barn door. They should have started this back a few years ago. Maybe a decade. The wingers have been totally brain washed into thinking anything that is not Fox News is fake news.

  5. Donna in Rome says:

    It’s about time. Too bad they woke up so late and didn’t do their job before the election, going easy and giving him a pass on everything because he was new at the game, not a professional politician, etc. (Sounds like Ryan lately, doesn’t it?) They only started turning on him after he invited them to his hotel for an “important” press conference (which turned out to be only a dropping of his birther stance… sorta), and used the opportunity to give them a tour of the hotel, which he hoped they’d publicize and promote. The journalists were pissed off. I almost think that if that hadn’t happened, they wouldn’t have started waking up to, and criticizing, him until who-knows-when.

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