Republicans twice as likely to find interracial marriage “bad”

PEW Research Center has a new poll on interracial marriage that shows Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to find interracial marriage “a bad thing.”

12% of Republicans found it a bad thing, while 6% of Democrats felt the same.

Just as interesting, 49% of Democrats found interracial marriage “a good thing,” while only 28% of Republicans felt the same.

The middle option was “doesn’t make much difference.”

Overall, the national numbers were pretty good, with only between 3% and 18% finding it “bad.” (Interestingly, the worst numbers, the highest “bad”  numbers, were among blacks: 18%).

PEW poll interracial marriage

A few things about polls. Perhaps it’s because I’m gay, but I’m used to polls showing one-third of the country thinking I’m an abomination. So the notion that “only” 3% to 18% haver a problem with interracial marriage sounds like a victory to me. We live in a kooky country, where are a lot of people believe some wacky stuff.

PPP polling has some great numbers:

– 6% think bin Laden is alive.
– 21% think a UFO crashed in Roswell.
– 20% believe in a link between vaccines and autism.
– 7% think the moon landing was faked.
– 13% think Obama is the anti-Christ.
– 9% think the government adds fluoride to our water for “sinister” reasons.
– 4% of voters say they believe “lizard people” control our societies by gaining political power.
– 5% believe in chemtrails.
– 5% believe that Paul McCartney actually died in 1966.

You get the idea. So the whole 3% to 18% range is pure wingnut territory. Once your numbers get that low, you’ve basically won.

Also, the numbers are getting better in even the past few years:

PEW poll interracial marriage

Having said all of that, back in 2011, 46% of Mississippi Republicans thought interracial marriage should be illegal. So it’s possible, and likely, that the crazy vote is concentrated in certain states and certain parties — cough! — and therefore still have disproportionate power.

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