Before Obamacare, you couldn’t get insurance if you had any of these conditions

Kaiser compiled an interesting list of conditions — pre-existing conditions — that could get you denied for health insurance before passage of Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act.

AIDS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, MS, being transgender, and even being an expectant parent.

All of those could be cause for denial when applying for insurance.

But even that list, posted below, understates just how bad it was, and just how bad it will be if the Republican health care plan passes. Before Obamacare, they would routinely turn people down for having hayfever. If you could get turned down for insurance for simply having allergies, imagine what else could get you turned down.

Here’s Kaiser’s partial, but certainly not comprehensive, list of conditions that would cost you your insurance before Obamacare. Do you know anyone with any of these conditions?

Under the GOP bill, there will no longer be any constraints on what they can charge you for your pre-existing condition. Under Obamacare, you pay the same premium that everyone else your age, in your geographic area, pays. Under the GOP plan, if you have allergies, they’re going to throw you into a special “pool” of “sick” people who will pay an ungodly price for insurance that will probably have a super-high deductible.

I remember a good friend in the days before Obamacare, who had some blood clots in one eye. He had some exams and they put him on blood thinners. When he moved to another state, he had to get new insurance, and they raised his premium from $400 to $1,200 because of his eye. Yes, before Obamacare they could literally triple your premiums if you got sick and had to get a new policy, because you moved or lost your job or got divorced and lost your spouse’s coverage.

That’s what Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and the Republicans have in store for you with their Obamacare repeal. (Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s tearful story about his newborn son’s pre-existing heart condition.)

Finally, it’s not just pre-existing conditions. If you’re age 50-64, and otherwise healthy, the Republican plan will let insurers raise your premiums by 66%.

And the GOP plan will let insurers opt-out of coverage for things like pregnancy, prescription drugs and emergency care, among other things.

Their plan is heartless and evil.

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