New French president Macron shakes Trump’s hand last at NATO

During Donald Trump’s first meeting with NATO allies at the summit in Brussels this week, Trump finally met new French president Emmanuel Macron.

But he had to wait a bit.

In a video shared on Macron’s Twitter feed, you can see Macron approaching the gaggle of world leaders, apparently making a beeline for Trump. But then at the last second, Macron veers away from Trump and gives a big hug to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

When Macron finally got to Trump, Trump tried his bizarre shake-and-grab handshake he uses to dominate people. Macron was ready for him, and simply yanked back, hard!

As an aside, Trump reportedly told Macron that he always wanted Macron to win, which is a lie. In the weeks before the election, Trump publicly tweeted his support for French far-right extremist Marine Le Pen.

The summit overall was yet another disaster for Trump. While previously in Saudi Arabia, Trump told the Saudis that now was not the time to judge allies. But with NATO — our closest allies — Trump judged, a lot. In addition to chastising our allies for not spending enough on their defense, Trump refused to publicly endorse Article 5 of the NATO charter, in which every member of NATO pledges to come to the aid of other members who are attacked.

During the campaign, Trump had said that if Russia invaded a NATO ally he wouldn’t necessarily come to their defense. Weakening NATO has been a Soviet and Russian goal since NATO’s inception. Trump is the first American president to agree with our enemies.

And, in a nod to Trump, Russia was not on the agenda at the NATO meeting, lest it upset Trump, who doesn’t like criticizing Russians.

Trump even told a German newspaper that he plans to force Americans to stop buying German cars. That should be interesting.

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4 Responses to “New French president Macron shakes Trump’s hand last at NATO”

  1. Demosthenes says:

    “Trump even told a German newspaper that he plans to force Americans to stop buying German cars.”

    In related news, I decided yesterday to buy a new BMW.

  2. Kevin Norman says:

    Awful isn’t it how a crook – fool like Trump is trying to score points on people who actually won the majority of votes in their elections…. it is almost as if he thinks he’s a proper president worthy of respect.

  3. woodroad34 says:

    And apparently Marcon hasn’t learned the Trudeau “stiff arm” approach to shaking Trump’s hand. Trump just flails Marcon’s hand in an inappropriate gentleman’s handshake. It looks like he wants to take Marcon’s arm off.

  4. Jimmy says:

    This is so pathetic. World leaders are now engaging in childish one-upmanship all because Madam Ego has to be the center of attention.

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