GOP congressman: People with pre-existing conditions lead “bad” lives

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks, who is a member of the US House Freedom Caucus, responsible for creating the new TrumpCare plan to repeal Obamacare, said today that people who have pre-existing conditions lead bad lives and are therefore to blame for their conditions.

Which is news to my asthma and my retinal detachment, and my mom’s and dad’s cancer.

Here’s Brook’s unbelievable statement to CNN this afternoon:

What’s important to realizes is that people like Brooks created TrumpCare. The entire legislation was made to appease people like Brooks in the GOP “Freedom Caucus.” People who think you are to blame for your asthma, for your mom’s cancer, for your dad’s diabetes, and for your child’s leukemia.

It’s unbelievably heartless.

Please add your name to those telling Congress to vote NO on TrumpCare, NO on repealing ObamaCare.

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19 Responses to “GOP congressman: People with pre-existing conditions lead “bad” lives”

  1. Darrell Eisman says:

    “I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.” -Clarence Darrow

  2. Badgerite says:

    So, let me get this straight. People with pre-existing medical conditions who are born to lower of middle income families are the new “welfare queens”. Do I have that about right? That is THE sickest thing I have ever heard. Of course, it is coming out of the mouth of the ‘modern’ and ‘Christian’ GOP.

  3. Moon Pi says:

    Also known as “Come here little girl.”

  4. Sean Wells says:

    We need to forcibly remove guys like him from office and then hang them in front of the capitol building.

  5. d3clark says:

    How healthy would Brooks have been if he were born in Pompeii before 79 AD? What would he look like if he were a seaman from time immemorial till about the 18th century when scurvy was eradicated. Was working at Chernobyl? During the Black Death? Got Minamata disease? Smallpox? Living in Nagasaki during WW II?
    We need to work to make sure that this is his last term an an elected anything.

  6. Cynthia Ratzke says:

    What are these hypocrites doing to help reduce chronic illness? Helping make food safer and more nutritious….NO! Making school lunch programs healthier…JUST THE OPPOSITE. These asshats have no clear overall picture. If you want to stop chronic illness you have to REGULATE the things that CAUSE IT. Restrict the levels of salt, sugar and fats in processed foods. They don’t care about any of this. They want to eliminate all regulations that help consumers.

  7. Cynthia Ratzke says:

    Newsflash Brooks. These same people still pay your SALARY. So genius, go ahead and screw them.

  8. Tony Prost says:

    Why are Republicans always such dicks?

  9. Tony Prost says:


  10. Leo Bebb says:

    …says the guy who probably eats a pound of bacon for breakfast, but whose health coverage does not have any such exclusions.

  11. Leo Bebb says:

    Brooks’ bill would certainly kill many more Americans than ISIS has. Good decision or bad decision? Should he be sent to Guantanamo or a black op’s site?

  12. Leo Bebb says:

    I wasn’t the one who ran the stop sign, but I’m the quadriplegic. My wife did not implant the lump that necessitated chemotherapy. Brooks was probably congenitally stupid. These things are not life choices.

  13. Randy Riddle says:

    Translation: I’m not paying for those icky gay men getting AIDS.

  14. Duke Woolworth says:

    He didn’t pick his parents very well, either, it appears.

  15. tabaqui says:

    Good to know child-me could have done ‘something’ to make my Crohn’s not be an issue, but hey! Decades of pain and illness *finally* diagnosed six years ago was completely my fault.

  16. Nicholas A Kocal says:

    More proof that you cannot be or support republicans and still be a Christian.

  17. Quilla says:

    “Republican Stupidity” is most definitely a pre-existing condition.

  18. d3clark says:

    “It’s unbelievably heartless.” It’s also stupid. Yes, some people may contribute to their own illnesses. Obesity may increase the risk of diabetes. But not everyone does. A baby born with a congenital heart defect has done nothing on it’s own to cause itself to be sick. Also, Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you will be healthy. Accidents and bad genetics can happen to any of us. Also note, that one thing that is working against all of us is time. Even the healthiest get older. As we get older, the vast majority of us will become ill, often developing more and new medical problems as we age. No matter how healthy we’ve lived. Remember that, Mo Ron Brooks.

    BTW, Mo Ron refused to even vote for the Republican health care legislation. He said, essentially, that it was the worst piece of legislation he’s seen. That makes it even worse than Obamacare! A Republican who thinks his own party’s health care plan is more horrible than the hated Democratic Obamcare. Will wonders never cease?

  19. brel1 says:

    People like this nut need a big dose of karma to kick them in the butt.

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