GOP congressman: People with pre-existing conditions lead “bad” lives

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks, who is a member of the US House Freedom Caucus, responsible for creating the new TrumpCare plan to repeal Obamacare, said today that people who have pre-existing conditions lead bad lives and are therefore to blame for their conditions.

Which is news to my asthma and my retinal detachment, and my mom’s and dad’s cancer.

Here’s Brook’s unbelievable statement to CNN this afternoon:

What’s important to realizes is that people like Brooks created TrumpCare. The entire legislation was made to appease people like Brooks in the GOP “Freedom Caucus.” People who think you are to blame for your asthma, for your mom’s cancer, for your dad’s diabetes, and for your child’s leukemia.

It’s unbelievably heartless.

Please add your name to those telling Congress to vote NO on TrumpCare, NO on repealing ObamaCare.

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