Scarlett Johansson on SNL takes down Ivanka Trump

Scarlett Johansson on Saturday Night Live does a commercial for Ivanka Trump’s new fragrance.

And totally nails it.

We were promised that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner would be a moderating force on Trump’s extremism and mania. But where has either been? There were press reports recently that both have been busy with their kids, and bopping around parties in DC. So much for the promised moderation.

Great ready for the tweetstorm.

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64 Responses to “Scarlett Johansson on SNL takes down Ivanka Trump”

  1. Irv T says:

    Seriously, did she think anyone could “take down” Ivanka?

    Delusions of adequacy, for sure.

  2. Moderator4 says:

    Apology accepted, Demosthenes.
    As a moderator yourself, I am sure that you understand how easily a thread can go completely off the rails. While we have sympathy for the troubles over there, it intrudes upon the reason our readers come to this website, and the majority of them simply do not care about what is going on at BL.
    Thank you for understanding this.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    You are a gracious person!

  4. Demosthenes says:

    I apologize for the massive amount of comments that are off topic, John and other posters here at Americablog. I am a regular commenter here and a moderator at “Brighter Lights”. My friendly commenters from the other website followed me here. We certainly didn’t intend to disrupt this site.

  5. Bella 2 says:

    the ‘ cat’ SC ? He was someone who’d been on similar blogs to I
    like many other people, I’ve never claimed any familiarity and besides
    he and I aren’t on the same side politically. But he’s clever and polite.

  6. Bella 2 says:

    Scribbler has deleted her account and I’ll be doing the same this week
    after printing some stuff off. Scribbler was an asset to any site, good
    and true. Moderator here humble apologies and thank you for
    being gracious.

  7. kingjim1954 says:

    I hear you.

  8. whimsicalmama says:

    the biggest concern over this entire kerfuffle was keeping the good name of BL so we will do our part and skeedaddle

  9. kingjim1954 says:

    Completely with you, WM!

  10. whimsicalmama says:

    you know me I don’t care but this is not our site and they have put up with a lot already don’t be angry with me, honestly.

  11. kingjim1954 says:

    Now, now, I speak my mind and if that’s not allowed so long and thanks for all the art

  12. whimsicalmama says:

    now now, that is not polite, come over to the art side and vent

  13. emjayay says:

    I don’t understand the whole troll thing that happened to this post/comments. Glad it’s over, whatever it was. Meanwhile, the odd thing is that the entire SNL sucked last week, other than the news segment. Lame, lame, lame. Then the latest Scarlett Johanssen program killed, one segment after another.

    The Complicit fake ad was totally spot on. Ivanka has been seen hanging around the oval office and in meetings with foreign dignitaries and her cute husband (described by a NJ political insider as a “snake”) has an official position in the administration. Totally fair game.

  14. kingjim1954 says:

    The words “blow it out your shorts” come to mind.

  15. kingjim1954 says:

    We see you ;)

  16. kingjim1954 says:

    I think the most of us here (BL) are not ecstatic with our choice of trump, but are hoping for the best The alternative choice was completely distasteful. Demos has the most overt TDS, but I like and respect him.

  17. kingjim1954 says:

    A pleasure knowing you, too, Bella! I hope to be seeing you around. You gave BL a different perspective on the US I know most of us appreciate. Take care- Jim

  18. bob.sacamento says:

    I’m with Bridger here. No idea what happened and am sorry to see you go. Don’t give up all blogging just because of this. We all need some sort of creative outlet and your postings were quite enjoyable. Best wishes.

  19. Moderator4 says:

    Which “above post”?

  20. Done; and I am also sorry for encroaching on your discussion.

  21. Bella 2 says:

    Please remove the above post before someone else reads It from BL.
    My reply to you has been removed by the mods here, Will assume you read it.

  22. Bella 2 says:

    I’m sorry about that remark, It was wrong and I feel hurt. Do be careful with
    Lolly, Scribbler she’s not as sweet as people think. I read your ‘spiders web’
    comment to my husband, which just confirmed to him the reason he sees
    blogging as somewhat dark. I know that I’m hugely fiery and as subtle
    as a brick and have criticised Trump far more then I should’ve.
    And all that stuff with the AV photo that L went prying into, finding photos
    and changing them alot Is what we had to do, to avoid the vile real [email protected] abuse
    on main party sites Its utterly vile and far worse then the trolls you get
    on American sites. Im going to have a meeting with my local MP whose
    on the select committee for media and get him to deal with this behaviour
    on main political sites but I dont rate my luck as many will see that as an attack
    on freedom of speech instead of stopping hatred.
    I’m going to take a break from blogging, kill off this account as Its not private
    and so much personal stuff has been said on it.
    And thankyou for being a kind and reasonable person with a level head but please
    remember to be careful.

  23. Moderator4 says:

    Thank you,

  24. servildos says:

    I apologize for encroaching on you hospitality.

  25. Moderator4 says:

    This is addressed to all commenters who have been going back and forth on this thread about the blog “Brighter Lights,” who has been banned there and why, who likes whom and doesn’t like whom, and the sniping at one another.
    You are all engaged in one of the worst cases of blog clogging that I have ever run into in my years as a Moderator here. Your comments have nothing to do with this thread, nor do they even have to do with anything on AmericaBlog.
    You are all warned that any further comments regarding Brighter Lights will be deleted. Please find another forum in which to air your complaints, or even commiserations, with each other.
    If you want to comment here about the subject of any ABlog thread, please feel free. But no more comments about Brighter Lights.

  26. servildos says:

    Nuts, I chalked up any misunderstandings on my part to our differences in background and waited for further clarification. I enjoyed conversing with you and the “cat”.

  27. whimsicalmama says:

    I am confounded that no one realized that I left of my own free will and it was only after repeated contacts with me via qwiket that ari declared me banned, long after I left for the good of BL, what took place after I left is not my doing but my WM seems to be the bogey man here. I did not want to leave but I knew when my presence was not going to give me any joy, how it is being portrayed here is rather indicative of the reason I left in the first place.

  28. Bella 2 says:

    I’ve no idea. WM was always going on about the AV photo, a thing done
    at Labourlist to see off EDL people who used to hunt by ‘AVphoto not ( I can send
    links). An excuse I think a few just didnt like my colourful character and
    total dislike of Trump, I was criticising him everyday. People were also going
    elsewhere to speak to WM and Aris was worried about splitting the site,
    I wouldn’t have lik3d that too and would have gone at some point,
    Its all very unpleasant and unjustified.

  29. Bella, Lolly’s conspiring to get you banned was wrong, and I am appalled. But talking like this will get you hated just about anywhere:
    “The ladies were also aware I get on with guys better then women and that Is

    the case In life too, my other half who I married at 19 years of age as no

    issue with that ( catholics marry young :). WM and Mo are also very possessive of

    Aris.. he’s probably old enough to be my father for Gods sake.”
    Don’t do that.

  30. I respected that decision on principle, but I was sad to see you leave.

  31. Bill_Perdue says:

    Both parties are owned and run by the rich, and together they are the enemies of workers, people of color, women, the LGBTQ communities, the environment, immigrants and the fight for world peace.

    The US is not a democracy.

    Reforms don’t work.

    Neither party is a vehicle for change.

    Both parties are right wing and bankrupt so we’ll continue with a list of lesser evils like Obama and Trump until we develop workers parties and a workers state.

    As of 2016 the richest 25 people in Congress

    Rank Name Party State Net Worth ($ million)
    1 Rep. Darrell Issa Republican California 254.65
    2 Rep. Michael McCaul Republican Texas 107.61
    3 Rep. John Delaney Democratic Maryland 91.68
    4 Sen. Mark Warner Democratic Virginia 90.85
    5 Rep. Jared Polis Democratic Colorado 90.81
    6 Rep. David Trott Republican Michigan 73.52
    7 Sen. Richard Blumenthal Democratic Connecticut 66.99
    8 Sen. Dianne Feinstein Democratic California 52.78
    9 Rep. Vern Buchanan Republican Florida 49.86
    10 Rep. Diane Black Republican Tennessee 45.95
    11 Rep. Scott Peters Democratic California 40.19
    12 Rep. Alan Grayson Democratic Florida 33.86
    13 Rep. James Renacci Republican Ohio 31.62
    14 Rep. Suzan DelBene Democratic Washington 31.02
    15 Rep. Nancy Pelosi Democratic California 29.35
    16 Rep. Roger Williams Republican Texas 27.45
    17 Rep. Tom MacArthur Republican New Jersey 25.90
    18 Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen Republican New Jersey 24.73
    19 Rep. Chris Collins Republican New York 23.83
    20 Sen. Jim Risch Republican Idaho 19.14
    21 Sen. Claire McCaskill Democratic Missouri 19.10
    22 Rep. Joseph Kennedy III Democratic Massachusetts 18.64
    23 Sen. Bob Corker Republican Tennessee 17.98
    24 Sen. John Hoeven Republican North Dakota 17.54
    25 Sen. Ron Johnson Republican Wisconsin 17.00

    from Wiki

  32. Demosthenes says:

    Why? I was bemoaning your exit, WM.

  33. Demosthenes says:

    I’m extremely unpleasant about Trump, so I doubt that. As far as being an outsider, I never hesitate to comment on U.K. and Greek politics!

  34. Bella 2 says:

    Eliot, your kind words elsewhere just now have made me cry, you are a darling. This
    all comes down to some not approving of the fact my old avatar photo wasnt
    me ( I can send links from Labour list where I’ve been speaking of far Right
    stalker [email protected] trolls and how they hunt by avatar photo.. blogging is awful in the UK).
    Some at BL decided not to believe me. They demanded me to be banned and
    Aris said no. But some have been putting him in a difficult position by blogging
    elsewhere. Funny really I told Aris I was just a guest and maybe aught to
    leave as others wont leave things alone. But I guess when push comes to shove
    Im only a guest and not even American, I can be fiery and haven’t said anything
    nice about Trump and some of the ladies have noticed I get on with guys better
    and as In life not all ladies like that. Eliot thank you again for your kind
    words, you are decent and generous. Your dear little girl Is fortunate to have
    such a father as you..mine was rubbish. Take care and God bless.

  35. Bella 2 says:

    Scribbler meant I havent been nice about Trump and that
    I’ve been standing my ground with those unpleasant to
    me over my avatar issue that turned into their drama.
    I can send posts from Labour list ( mine) that speak of
    the issue with EDL stalker trolls and why many Conservatives change photo Avatars very often
    as a way to hide. But hey, reality is far more boring then

  36. whimsicalmama says:

    I resent that

  37. Bridger says:

    I am confused as to what happened and am sorry to see you go.

  38. whimsicalmama says:


  39. whimsicalmama says:

    you seem to forget that I withdrew first out of a desire to avoid just such a situation as this. I opted to leave for the benefit of BL, that is never mentioned.

  40. Bella 2 says:

    PS a few ladies will be pleased about my banning but not dear Sophie or the
    guys who I got on very well with. PS, you’ll never see my Russian article now,
    probably for the best, It wasn’t good for Trump and would have created a fuss again.

  41. Bella 2 says:

    I’m not American and yet come here japping about Trump on a majority Trump
    supporting site, I think them making a recycled drama over the avatar picture
    was an excuse, WM wondered what I was doing at BL as Im not a local.
    The ladies were also aware I get on with guys better then women and that Is
    the case In life too, my other half who I married at 19 years of age as no
    issue with that ( catholics marry young :). WM and Mo are also very possessive of
    Aris.. he’s probably old enough to be my father for Gods sake.
    But never mind such as life, as I said Its been a pleasure coming across a Greek
    Orb somewhere on lifes journey. Remember never give into Trump :))

  42. Demosthenes says:

    How is your presence different from any other? There are 4 mods, and everyone else is a commenter. Being a “foreigner” is, at least to me, irrelevant.

  43. Bella 2 says:

    Yes I am banned, I’ve read what Mo has said about me, I am never a bitch, the
    ladies just didnt like this 26 year old foreigner. Funny thing Is said to Aris not long
    ago that I’ll leave as I’m tired of all this and he said no. I would have gone quietly
    there was no need for this nastiness, especially as Aris was defending me in his
    edited post that I got into trouble for. He was tired of the dramas and needed an
    excuse, easier to get rid of the guest then continue to upset the ladies.

  44. Demosthenes says:

    I don’t like any banning of non trolls, even if it is de facto instead of de jure. First it was from the right — WM — and now it’s from our U.K. friend (Bella is a Tory voter, but no fan of Trump, so it’s hard to ideologically pin her).

  45. Demosthenes says:

    It’s all very weird, Bella. I don’t think you are actually “banned”. Try posting at BL.

  46. Demosthenes says:

    BL has lost two noted commenters in a month — you and Bella. I find this troubling.

  47. Demosthenes says:


  48. Moderator3 says:

    I believe what you are seeing is the default avatar for those who do not have avatars. It only shows up when you are on Americablog.

  49. lolly52 says:

    I see what you mean – I dunno

  50. whimsicalmama says:

    if you click on that image it disappears then comes back later

  51. lolly52 says:

    I see the flag now too Mo.

  52. Eliot says:

    Hi Bella. I’m sorry about what happened over there. I have tried not to step in the middle of this fight, but I regret that the end result is the way it is.

  53. Bella 2 says:

    Please leave It lovely Greek Orb, I swear on my existance that I’ve done nothing wrong,
    WM has a irrational dislike of me due to the avatar picture thing and other ladies
    there because of my previous remarks about Trump. Lolly sent Aris a email, I
    didnt see It she edited it. But Aris responded by saying he wasnt happy about
    BL being split with others posting at WMs Art blog, he said he didnt understand
    WMs dislike of me or the other ladies dislike of me. He said I am not a troll
    and he’s seen many trolls so knows what they are like. Aris then edited
    his post, Saying something about mountains, I never realised It was a private
    post.. If so why didnt he delete the whole thing. I responded after the
    editing in a joking way saying something about the lady BL bloggers
    were like the wind and needed to be treated carefully, I then deleted
    the post to avoid a drama. I have been treated badly, Aris knows this
    but I would have left gracefully for the sake of peace and harmony
    as I was only a guest anyway..Banning was quite over the top, but Aris
    wishes to keep thelikes of WM happy and not have her split his blog.
    This Is all very nasty, I will give up on blogging and will delete my
    account In a few days. Keep up the battle against Trump, Demos
    good men like you should never be silenced. God bless and It was a great
    pleasure meeting you.

  54. whimsicalmama says:

    twasn’t me, I would have gone for the marine bulldog myself if I was making you an avatar. I made my own so I know no one will copy me.

  55. Mo Grant says:

    The weirdest thing has happened. All of a sudden I have a US flag by my name. What the heck? I don’t even know how to do it.

  56. Mo Grant says:

    Haha, never.

  57. whimsicalmama says:

    you underestimate me

  58. Mo Grant says:

    Did not think that was going to be seen.

  59. whimsicalmama says:

    that’ll do, that’ll do

  60. Mo Grant says:

    So glad you are gone.

  61. That sucks that you were banned. WTF! I like you and wouldn’t ban you. You are welcome at my channel (linked from my profile). I hope you get unbanned soon.

  62. Demosthenes says:

    I’m so sorry, Bella. Let me see what happened.

  63. Bella 2 says:

    Hey I’ve just been banned from Brighter Lights. The ladies havent liked me for
    a while. I responded to Aris before he pre edited a ‘private ‘ comment to Lolly
    even If it was about me. But I guess Aris was looking for an excuse, tge likes
    of WM have been unbelievable. You’re a lovely man Demos and It was a pleasure
    meeting you, I hope you enjoyed my articles. I shant be on the American sites
    anymore. They lack decorum and are far too intrusive, goodbye dear marble orb.

  64. Demosthenes says:

    Ivanka is a “false flag” operation to pretend Don the Con isn’t horrible. Jared Kushner is a greedy corrupt, and idiologically “flexible” grifter like his father in law.

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