Trump’s MLK tribute was all about Trump. Whining.

Donald Trump today honored Black History Month by whining about Donald Trump.

The mini-tirade was offered while Trump was supposed to be honoring the memory of Martin Luther King. He didn’t.

Trump went off about a story that incorrectly claimed Trump removed MLK’s bust from the White House. When the reporter discovered his error, the story was immediately corrected. No harm no foul. But not to Trump. Trump and his senior staff can’t stop talking about the story, and how it’s proof of a grand media conspiracy to take down Dear Leader.

And Trump did it again today.

Thanks to Judd Legum of ThinkProgress, we have the transcript of Trump’s homage to MLK:


Here’s the video:

“Fake news” is a pro-Russia talking point that Trump is quite fond of. The Russians created fake news sites in order to help Trump win the presidential election. In an effort to obfuscate that fact, Trump and his supporters now accuse the real media, and any fact they don’t like, of being “fake news.” Not only does it permit them to discredit the remaining arbiters of truth — an important thing when your administration is based on lies — but it also helps the Russians by confusing what they did with what real reporters do. So yet again, whether intentionally or unwittingly, Trump is yet again doing Putin’s bidding.

Trump’s mini-tirade was reminiscent of the hissy fit Trump threw at the CIA Memorial Wall ten days ago, where Trump offered 8 words of condolence to the CIA fallen — and then spent another 15 minutes complaining about the historically low turnout at his swearing-in.

Interestingly, Trump used the CIA Memorial Wall fiasco to share his own fake news about the Churchill bust that allegedly Barack Obama had banished in anger. He didn’t. That little ditty was debunked a long while ago, but it didn’t stop Trump from bringing it up at the CIA just a week ago.

Also, Trump’s most famous claim to fame is being the original birther, claiming President Obama was born in Africa. Spoiler alert: Obama wasn’t.

Why does any of this matter? It matters because it’s one more piece of the puzzle suggesting that Donald Trump is unfit to hold the office of president. He’s a 13-year-old girl in a man’s body. He says and writes and does things that no grown man or woman would ever do. His twitter feed, if written by a teenager, would be understandably angsty. Written by an adult, it’s a cry for help.

Update: Thanks to Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star, we have the rest of Trump’s statement. It’s completely incoherent:

PS As an aside, Trump started his remarks by praising the “tremendous history of African-Americans throughout our country, throughout the world really when you think about it.”

Actually, when you really think about it, in the rest of the world they’re just called African.

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