Trump White House thinks it and media have “joint custody” of the country

Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway made a bizarre comment to CNN’s Jake Tapper today, telling him that the Trump White House and the media have “joint custody” of the country.

Conway’s comment was odd for a number of reasons.

But first, have a look at what she said:



First off, no one has “custody” of the country. Conway and Trump are not our parents. We are not their kids. We are their bosses.

Second, how would the media have “custody” of the country; and why would Trump and the media be some kind of co-equal parents, as if somehow Trump and the media are two sides of the same coin?

This seems to harken back to Trump’s earlier bizarre statement last month about how the media is “the opposition party.” Trump made the comment ostensibly because the media has been challenging him on his growing list of lies.

The media is the media. Their job is to report and defend the truth. They’re not the opposition party. The Democratic party is the opposition party. And the media was just as tough on Barack Obama during his presidency, and Hillary Clinton during the last election, as they are on Donald Trump now.

The Trump White House is feeling embattled because: a) they have a lying lunatic at the helm; and b) the media and the American people aren’t going to let them get away with their serial lies.

For instance, yesterday, Trump claimed that the media never reported on 78 terrorist attacks, including the Paris nightclub attack, the horrific truck that ran through the crowd in Nice on Bastille Day, the Pulse LGBT nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, the multiple bombings in Brussels, and the San Bernardino shootings.

There was non-stop media coverage of all of those. We all saw it with our own eyes.

If Trump has custody of the country, the kids are moving out.

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2 Responses to “Trump White House thinks it and media have “joint custody” of the country”

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  2. Naja pallida says:

    To be fair, it’s not like the actual opposition party is putting up much of a fight.

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