Trump relaxes sanctions on KGB successor

Donald Trump today secretly lifted some sanctions against the Russian spy agency, FSB.

The FSB is the follow-on agency to the KGB.

UPDATE: Trump is now personally denying that he’s lifting the sanctions. Which means he is lifting the sanctions.

No explanation was given as to why Trump is relaxing sanctions on Russia — and on Russia’s top spy agency, no less — at the very same moment that Russian-inspired violence is increasing in Ukraine. Trump has failed to call out Russia for the increased violence, but instead begins to lift sanctions.

Specifically, the move will let companies do business with the FSB. Why in Lord’s name would we want to let companies do business with Russia’s new KGB?


The sanctions were put on Russia following revelations that Russia had hacked its way into the US election in an effort to throw the election for Donald Trump.

Some are now claiming that this is simply a “technical correction” to the sanctions. That’s not what the Russians are saying. Here are two stories from TASS:

There’s also the question of whether the Russians were informed before Congress and the American people. The Russian propaganda press, TASS, had an article up about the sanctions at 730pm Moscow time today, or 1130am Eastern Time. And by that time, the Russians already had a quote from Putin’s spokesman about it. So they had to know a good couple hours before. Why were the Russians told be Americans?

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Since the campaign, Trump has had a strange affinity for Russia and its foreign policy objectives, usually at odds with American national security. Trump has excused Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Ukrainian Crimea, and has suggested that he might not come to the aid of NATO allies if they were invaded by Russia.

The news that Trump is already lifting some of the sanctions against Russia, when Russia has offered us nothing in return. And in fact, Russia has apparently upped the violence in Ukraine. Not to mention, we still don’t have a clear answer on what happened during the election, the investigations of Trump’s staff have not finished, we don’t know what secret conversations took place between Trump’s staff and the Russians. We don’t even know what Trump’s connection himself might be to the Russians? Yet we’re lifting sanctions on Russia’s new KGB?

Donald Trump has a thing for Russia, and he can’t explain it, no one can. And that is extremely troubling.

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3 Responses to “Trump relaxes sanctions on KGB successor”

  1. ComradeRutherford says:

    Trump had a phone call with Putin for which the White House shut off the recorders. Shortly after that phone call Russia increased their war on Ukraine and Trump announced the decrease in sanctions.

    But committing treason is mandatory for Republican Presidents. All GOP presidents after Eisenhower did it, and no one punished them for doing it, so it’s perfectly legal now.

  2. brel1 says:

    Trump and GOP are Traitors. Period.

  3. Badgerite says:

    Pretty easy to explain to anyone with eyes. Putin owns him. Has for some time now. He treats our long time friends and allies like crap. Shits all over them and pretty much invites the FSB back into the country to mess with our elections again. The GOP are a bunch of craven, power hungry cowards. McCain had to call the Australian State Department to try to smooth over the damage after President Psychopath’s initial call to PM Turnbull. What does he propose to do about NATO and Ukraine? Other than nothing.

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