Dear America, Donald Trump’s just not that into you

In an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, to be broadcast right before the Super Bowl, Republican President Donald Trump made the most anti-American comments of any president ever.

O’Reilly was asking Trump about his unwavering support of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. O’Reilly specifically noted that Putin is a killer.

Trump’s response? American leaders kill a lot of people too.

Putin has had numerous political opponents and journalists killed. And as NBC notes, below, Putin has done a lot of other things that are not just inimical to American national interest, but are also outright evil.

Here’s Trump with O’Reilly:

Here’s the transcript:

Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, refused to even say today that American is morally superior to Russia — that is how bad things have gotten:

And lest anyone think this was yet another Trump brain fart, Trump made the same comment a year ago to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough:

Scarborough: “Well, I mean, it’s also a person who kills journalists, political opponents, and invades countries. Obviously that would be a concern, would it not?”

Trump: “He’s running his country, and at least he’s a leader. Unlike what we have in this country.”

Scarborough: “But again: He kills journalists that don’t agree with him.”

Trump: “Well I think our country does plenty of killing, also, Joe, so, you know. There’s a lot of stupidity going on in the world right now, Joe. A lot of killing going on. A lot of stupidity. And that’s the way it is.”

That means Trump believes this. As Mike Pence likes to say, it’s a sign of Trump’s “candor” — it’s Trump being honest about what he really thinks. And Trump really think that America is just as bad as Russia, and that it’s normal for American leaders to kill their political opponents.

And that’s the worst part of what Trump said. Trump is telegraphing that he believes murder is part and parcel of being president of the United States. Killing political opponents and the media is just part of the job. And it’s not. It’s really not. But Trump thinks it is, and will act accordingly.

Also not good, this is a Russian talking point that Trump just reiterated for the second time. The notion that America has no moral superiority over Russia, that we are a corrupt nation, is the #1 Soviet and now-Russian anti-American talking point:

Fortunately, Trump is facing a barrage of criticism this morning from Republicans around the country. Here are a few:

Here’s the deputy editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal:

Other members of Congress as well:


Even Liz Cheney, Dick’s daughter, weighed in. Liz is super to the right: 

I thought this was an interesting response as well. Noting how famed conservative Bill Buckley would respond to the kind of false equivalences that Trump is now using to compare America to Russia:

And Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi is now calling an investigation of Trump’s Russia ties.

When will we hear from the rest of the Republicans in Congress about whether they think America is as morally bankrupt as Russia?

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7 Responses to “Dear America, Donald Trump’s just not that into you”

  1. Demosthenes says:

    GOP politicians may issue statements disagreeing with Trump’s unpatriotic false equivalence between the U.S. and Russia, but they won’t lift a finger to investigate the source of this unnatural love. Party before country is their motto.

  2. glob says:

    In postwar history, annexation of a part of a sovereign

    country’s territory to aggressor state has no precedent.


  3. Irv T says:

    O’Reilly and Trump. Yeah, that does sound like fun.

  4. MrQRO says:

    Uh yeah didn’t we spend quite a few years yelling and screaming that we should prosecute the “Bush war criminals” for starting a war on lies, killing and torturing, etc., etc., Now we’re clutching pearls because Trumps says it on TV? I just love that Trump & Russia derangement syndrome has become such a fever that we’re willing to embrace any of the words of the deep state, advocate for war, not diplomacy, and suddenly get amnesia on the same things we railed about for years. We’re through the looking glass folks!

  5. d3clark says:

    Soviet buses were so notoriously poorly constructed that the bus would have shattered upon hitting the old lady. The flying bus bits would have killed the KGB operative who pushed her.

  6. MoonDragon says:

    Yes, Mr. Beard, America has killed people. We’ve been doing it in an ill considered war, we’ve been doing it with drones in a misguided notion that it will somehow minimize the collateral damage (and would be easier for the American people to deal with instead of American body bags), we’ve done it based on poor intelligence, and we’ve done it out of sheer stupidity. Neither we nor our leaders, contrary to the assertions of Blotch Boy Bannon’s concpiracy machine and its ilk, have done so in a spirit of malice and in pursuit of promoting a personal agenda. There is no equivalence. That’s just another lie.

  7. angryspittle says:

    If we want to acknowledge the truth the US has slaughtered more people either directly or through proxies since WWII than any other nation on the planet.

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