Trump attacks Schwarzenegger’s ratings at National Prayer Breakfast; Arnold blasts back

Proving once again that the elderly should not split their meds, Donald Trump today used his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning — a breakfast about prayer and God — to blast Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on the TV show “The Apprentice.”

Trump also used foul language before the assembled preachers.

Trump’s bizarre behavior brought to mind yesterday morning when Trump used a talk about Black History Month to whine about “fake news.”

It also reminded me of Trump using an appearance before the CIA Memorial Wall, commemorating agents who have died in the line of duty, to complain about the anemic turnout at his inauguration and to threaten to invade Iraq again.

But this morning, it was about Trump using a solemn occasion of prayer to brag about his TV ratings while knocking Arnold’s. What was particularly odd is that Trump is part-owner of the show. Why knock it?  Here’s the video:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was having none of it, and issued a statement this morning responding to Trump:

Which now means Trump will soon threaten to invade California.

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