Someone needs to remind Donald Trump that killing your political opponents is not normal

Donald Trump recently defended Russian president Vladimir Putin, suggesting that Putin’s ongoing murder of political opponents and journalists is somehow a normal thing that every leader does, even American presidents.

No, Mr. Trump, it’s not normal. It’s not something every leader does. And it most certainly is not what American presidents do.

More in this week’s Russia update:


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  • I’m sure that’s all being kept in reserve for when Trump inevitably does something against Putin’s interests. The second Trump is done being a useful idiot, they’ll be dumped en masse, and Wikileaks will try to use it to reclaim some shred of their dignity.

  • goulo

    No reason to release incriminating materials and give up your leverage, if the blackmail victim continues to usefully do what you want!

  • Demosthenes

    When will Putin release the incriminating Trump material? Are they videos? Financial records? Both?

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