Sean Spicer was SNL’s Melissa McCarthy today

White House press secretary Sean Spicer was off his rocker today, getting visibly angry and cutting off reporters at his daily White House briefing.

Spicer quite literally became his own parody. He became Melissa McCarthy’s wonderfully evil Saturday Night Live impersonation. See video below.

The said thing for Spicer is that one suspects today was all Trump. It’s no secret that Donald Trump regrets hiring Spicer as White House press secretary, and regularly criticizes Spicer’s look and demeanor. I suspect that on days like this, when Spicer is particularly spicy, he acting on Trump’s orders.

And while acting like a jerk is sure to please Trump, it’s also a good way to alienate the media and much of the public. Sure, Trump’s base likes it, but they’re irrelevant. They’re going to support Trump, regardless. We’re now fighting for the middle, and the middle wants a mature White House, not a belligerent one. And this White House is anything but mature. The adults are clearly not in charge. And in the long-run, that’s going to hurt both Trump and Republicans at the polls. And that may eventually neuter Trump, or get him removed from office entirely — whether by election, impeachment, or the 25th amendment (though I’m particularly partial to imprisonment).

That’s assuming he doesn’t get us all killed first.

Here’s Spicer today:

And here’s Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live the other night:

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