House Intel chair calls Russia investigation “witch hunt” and “McCarthyism”

House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes has proven for the second time this week that he is unfit to run any investigation of Russia’s attempt to hack our election, or the growing evidence that the Trump campaign and associates had contacts with Russian intelligence during the presidential campaign.

Add your name to the thousands who are demanding the Justice Department appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.​

On Friday we learned that Nunes joined Senate Intelligence Committee chair Richard Burr, also a Republican, in helping spread disinformation about the FBI’s, and other intelligence agencies’, investigation of Russia’s ties to Team Trump. That’s potential obstruction of justice, but just as importantly, it means Nunes and Burr are part of Team Trump, are cheerleaders for Team Trump, and spokespeople for Team Trump. Neither can run a fair and impartial investigation of an issue on which they have already taken sides.

Nunes put the icing on the cake on Saturday, when he referred to the Russia investigation as a “witch hunt” and “McCarthyism.”

What Nunes is a fan of is investigating the investigators. The only investigation Nunes wants is of those who may have leaked information to the media showing that Trump’s team was cavorting with Russian spies. In other words, Devin Nunes is once again doing the bidding of Team Trump, and trying to hide the story rather than reveal it.

We now know that the House and Senate Intelligence Committee chairs are compromised. We also know that the White House is per se compromised because the investigation is about them. And we know that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is compromised because he worked on the Trump campaign — there is no way that Sessions can be in charge of an investigation that could eventually point to his own involvement.

The only answer is an independent investigation, and the appointment of a special counsel, a proposal that was endorsed this past Friday by conservative GOP congressman Darrell Issa.

Add your name to the thousands who are demanding the Justice Department appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.​

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13 Responses to “House Intel chair calls Russia investigation “witch hunt” and “McCarthyism””

  1. bbob1 says:

    McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence (Wikipedia). Ironically, Devin Nunes himself is surely guilty of that sleazy act.

    “I … understand that former Secretary Clinton left classified documents in her hotel room in China and that U.S. Marine Corps security officials filed a report related to the possible compromise of the documents,” Nunes wrote in a letter to the FBI. In contrast, this is what really happened: ” “Upon Secretary Clinton’s departure, a routine security sweep by Diplomatic Security agents identified classified documents in a staff member’s suite.”

    Source: Nunes accuses Clinton of leaving classified info in a China hotel, but offers no proof. Rachel Blade, Politico, 10/31/16.

  2. Moderator3 says:

    That wasn’t snark. When I make a snarky comment, I mark it.

  3. woodroad34 says:

    Why the snark?

  4. Moderator3 says:

    I would never have figured that out.

  5. woodroad34 says:

    I think he was replying to Devin Nunes statement.

  6. woodroad34 says:

    Says the Republican with something to hide.

  7. Moderator3 says:

    Was this meant as a reply to another commenter?

  8. The Oscar says:

    So what was “Benghazi!”?, asshole.

  9. Berri Jam says:

    McCarthyism is a witch hunt on mostly innocent and private citizens. This is an all powerful President that has strong suspicious ties with Russia that Americans need to know how far and how deep. A Senator doesn’t even understand basic 101 history? He should remove himself not even for not doing his job but for flawed analysis and thinking.

  10. Badgerite says:

    Just because an investigation has the word Russia in it does not mean that that investigation equals “McCarthyism”. Any more than any investigation with the word Salem in it equals a witch hunt.
    Benghazi and emails were a witch hunt/political smear campaign and I didn’t see the term Salem in there once. Go figure.

  11. Demosthenes says:

    What a surprise. A Trump lackey — and supporter during last year’s campaign — puts party above country refuses to investigate Russian hacking to elect Trump and any ties between them. Perhaps this guy is involved himself?

  12. URstandingwhere says:

    Hair Twitler’s servant, lackey, stooge, Devin Nunes said what? McCarty and Trump are both wacko, one looking for, the other colluding with the Russians. There is a difference.

  13. keirmeister says:

    Maybe they’ll care if the evidence is saved on a personal email server….

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