GOP Cong. Darrell Issa calls for special counsel investigation of Trump/Russia

Conservative Republican Congressman Darrell Issa tonight called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself in any investigation of Donald Trump’s Russia ties, and for a special counsel to take over the investigation.

Issa made the surprisingly comments on Bill Maher’s TV show this evening.

Issa seemed to indicate that Congress should investigate first, but then Issa made clear that Sessions should recuse himself and a special counsel should be appointed.

Add your name to those demanding the Justice Department appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.​

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  • Whatever


  • Whatever

    Did it really? I bet that stung him.

  • PatrioticUSGlory

    Still trying to figure out if there should be an investigation if there is not even a shred of evidence of collaboration or collusion or business ties with Trump.

  • Zorba

    I think we shall be waiting a long while for him to walk the walk.
    And unless a fair number of Republicans join him, it’s not going to go very far.

  • Darrell talked the correct talk and now he needs to walk the walk that goes with it.

  • brel1

    All talk. Trying to save his seat as his district went for Hillary. Nothing will come of it.

  • Demosthenes

    Darrell Issa is either lying to appease Maher’s audience or he seriously wants an independent bipartisan investigation of Russian hacking to elect Trump and Don the Con’s ties to Putin. Issa’s constituents should keep dogging him to find out.

  • Duke Woolworth

    This is the Cleveland Darrell I used to know. What turned him around, other than political expediency, I know not.

  • Jeff

    Do you really believe this lying shit? If it does, it wont be until they no longer find him useful.

  • TimCA

    I’m a constituent. I’ve called his district offices in both Vista and Dana Point. I’ve physically driven over to his office in Vista and spoke in person to an assistant regarding this matter. I was told I would receive a response by email as no one was authorized to answer my question. I’ve also emailed him through his official web site several times over the past month or so asking what his intentions were regarding this issue. Two days ago I AGAIN called his offices, this time the Dana Point office and spoke with one of his aides. She told me Issa has made numerous public statements about investigating Trump administration-Russia ties. I asked her to direct me to where those statements appear. She told me to go to Issa’s official website. We then proceeded to go through the site (both of us together) page by page. Neither of us could find any mention of this issue but she kept insisting it was there and that “Congressman Issa has taken the lead on this issue” (which of course is a patent lie). She took my email address. I had her repeat it back to me twice so there was no mistake. She said she would email me links substantiating her claim by the end of the business day. Again that was 2 days ago and like all previous contacts with Issa’s office, there has been no response. One would think that there would be people available in a Congressman’s office to explain the position of my elected representative, especially about a matter that has been featured so prominently in the press. Whether all this is by design or out of sheer incompetence, I don’t know.

    Summation of rant: Darrell Issa is scum!!!
    Doug Applegate for Congress 2018!

  • Suga


    John, Interesting Read:
    “Michael Flynn, General Chaos”
    “Michael Flynn’s son and chief of staff pushed conspiracy theories, obscene memes online”

    Flynn’s son, who pushed phony Pizzagate, blames dad’s downfall on ‘disinformation campaign’

    Mike Flynn spreads fake news 16 times in last few months, son joins in

  • It’s amazing what a tough re-election, and a giant albatross named Trump around their neck, will make desperate Republicans do.

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