Gen. McCaffrey on Trump: “The most anti-American statement ever made by the President of the US”

Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey had a few choice words about Donald Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly this weekend. McCaffrey basically called Trump un-American for suggesting that US troops are murderous thugs with the same morality as Putin’s Russia.

In the interview, Trump once again defended Vladimir Putin, even when O’Reilly noted that Putin routinely has people killed who disagree with him.

Even more disturbing, Trump didn’t just defend Putin, he attacked the United States, alleging that America is just as immoral as Vladimir Putin and Russia, and does things just as bad as Putin’s murder spree.

Here’s the video of Trump’s words, followed by McCaffrey’s blistering response. Note how when O’Reilly says “but he’s a killer,” Trump responds, TWICE, by saying: “What, you think our country is so innocent?”

Most of the clips on TV don’t show the second time Trump says that phrase. The second time really drills it home. There’s venom in it. Then, a few seconds later, Trump explains what he’s talking about, like the invasion of Iraq. “A lot of killers around, believe me,” Trump says. He’s talking about the US military.

Here’s McCaffrey:

I’m actually incredulous that the president would make a statement like that. One could argue that’s the most anti-American statement ever made by the president of the United States. To confuse American values with Putin, who’s running a criminal oligarchy, who kills people abroad and at home, who imprisons journalists and takes away business property, who shares it with his former KGB agents, who invades and seizes Crimea and eastern Ukraine. This is an astonishing state of affairs.

And here’s the McCaffrey video:

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9 Responses to “Gen. McCaffrey on Trump: “The most anti-American statement ever made by the President of the US””

  1. Snarki, child of Loki says:

    Congratulations, GOP. You elected a traitor to America.

    Feeling happy now? Putin is.

  2. Quick Site says:

    In addition, if I felt that Trump, in his whole world view, had *morality* at its core, then *maybe* he could genuinely postulate the immorality of some very, very small % of US Military Forces who commit crimes like MyLai massacre, or gleefully kill civilians as seen in the infamous wikileaks video that Chelsea Manning had the amazing courage to out, or torture people like at Abu Ghraib. Again, I for sure am not even equating those acts to those of Putin, described so well by the General (“to confuse American values with Putin, who’s running a criminal oligarchy, who kills people abroad and at home, who imprisons journalists and takes away business property, who shares it with his former KGB agents, who invades and seizes Crimea and eastern Ukraine”).

    But Trump has no moral center that I can tell. His “whataboutism”, just as with that of his whole sleazy Exec team, is just techniqued avoidance of dealing with legitimate questions— in this case asked by, of all people, O’Reilly. What’s so equally disgusting is the silence/void from Trump supporters, who also, in my estimation, lack moral compasses.

  3. Badgerite says:

    False equivalency. Exactly right.

  4. Badgerite says:

    Very big difference.

  5. So Heard says:

    Soldiers are killers, but it’s not done in secret by them. Wars are designed to kill others. What Putin does is not through acts of war, not as a soldier, and is done covertly. Big difference.

  6. RanWiz says:

    WOW – I disagree with everything #Lowercasetrump stands for…everything. [One exception: he proposed ‘term limits on congress’ – let’s do that ‘day one’.} But now there may be another statement I ‘slightly’ agree with: The USA has been ‘immoral killers’ at times: some of the events in Viet Nam, the second Iraqi war, the arms deal under Reagan selling weapons to Nicaragua, some unfortunate drone attacks, some police actions on our own streets, and others. I’ve spoken with many on the right who say, “Ameraca #1” then deny any, I mean ANY facts to the contrary.
    So – we’ve done some bad things around the world (and here at home) … but no way, no how is this a ‘true equivalency’ to the record of Russia (ether before or after the USSR break up). They are worse in every measure – so much worse it might be said they are tending toward the categorization as ‘anti-civilization’, a term I use for those in ISIS and other groups that blow up historic sites, that ban education, that promote systematic violence, that take moves that obviously curtail human rights. We have some ‘hints’ of that behavior here in USA…but this movement is in flower in Russia. To compare as similar is a FALSE EQUIVALENCY.
    One might hear such nonsense on blog comment sites, but to hear our so called ‘leader’ make this false comparison is deeply disturbing. He should never have been allowed to take this control. I BLAME several groups/individuals for this outcome: FBI Comey, Russian hacking & false news propaganda against Hillary, the DNC for not being totally on the ball. But MOST of the blame should fall on the RNC for drinking the coolaid (and continuing to enable #Lowercasetrump), and last, but not least, ANYONE who VOTED for trump. You bought it, now you own it – YOU are responsible.

  7. Badgerite says:

    “Astonishing state of affairs.”
    “Hard to know what to think about it.”
    Not so much. The President of the United States is parroting Kremlin propaganda lines. PERIOD.
    Putin owns him. What would it take for that to sink in to the alleged ‘conservatives’ in this country?
    Or do they just not care? I would have to go with the latter. They know it. They just don’t care.

  8. Asterisk, Registered Muslim says:

    I think that headline should be”ever made” not “every made”

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