Gen. Flynn led standing ovation for Putin in Moscow

Donald Trump’s embattled National Security Adviser led a standing ovation for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin last winter during a gala celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Russia’s propaganda organ, RT (aka Russia Today).

Flynn didn’t just join the standing ovation for Putin. He started it.

In a video posted by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, not only did Flynn joined in the standing ovation following Putin’s speech, but on closer examination, it’s clear that Flynn and the woman next to him led the standing ovation for Putin.

Flynn had the honor, along with Jill Stein (who also joined in the ovation), of sitting at Putin’s table.

The full video is below, but take a look at these photos from the beginning of the ovation. First, the larger photo showing only Flynn and the woman next to him standing as Putin finishes. Then a close-up.

And there’s no doubt once you watch the entire video, that’s Flynn.

After Flynn and the woman started the ovation, the entire crowd eventually rose. You can see it all much better in the video, below.

Flynn’s troubles grew yesterday when it was revealed that multiple current and former US investigators alleged that Flynn did in fact discuss US sanctions against Russia during his calls with the Russian ambassador. Flynn, and VP Mike Pence, have both claimed that Flynn never discussed the sanctions with the Russians. It now seems that was not entirely honest of either of them.

As the Washington Post notes, we now have a situation in which Flynn and Pence misled the American people in order to hide Flynn’s contacts with the Russian government. Why did they do this? Why did they feel the need to lie about what was actually taking place behind the scenes with Putin’s top advisers?

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