Gen. Flynn led standing ovation for Putin in Moscow

Donald Trump’s embattled National Security Adviser led a standing ovation for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin last winter during a gala celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Russia’s propaganda organ, RT (aka Russia Today).

Flynn didn’t just join the standing ovation for Putin. He started it.

In a video posted by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, not only did Flynn joined in the standing ovation following Putin’s speech, but on closer examination, it’s clear that Flynn and the woman next to him led the standing ovation for Putin.

Flynn had the honor, along with Jill Stein (who also joined in the ovation), of sitting at Putin’s table.

The full video is below, but take a look at these photos from the beginning of the ovation. First, the larger photo showing only Flynn and the woman next to him standing as Putin finishes. Then a close-up.

And there’s no doubt once you watch the entire video, that’s Flynn.

After Flynn and the woman started the ovation, the entire crowd eventually rose. You can see it all much better in the video, below.

Flynn’s troubles grew yesterday when it was revealed that multiple current and former US investigators alleged that Flynn did in fact discuss US sanctions against Russia during his calls with the Russian ambassador. Flynn, and VP Mike Pence, have both claimed that Flynn never discussed the sanctions with the Russians. It now seems that was not entirely honest of either of them.

As the Washington Post notes, we now have a situation in which Flynn and Pence misled the American people in order to hide Flynn’s contacts with the Russian government. Why did they do this? Why did they feel the need to lie about what was actually taking place behind the scenes with Putin’s top advisers?

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49 Responses to “Gen. Flynn led standing ovation for Putin in Moscow”

  1. WampusKat says:

    I’m pretty sure you could locate a source for that video other than Russia Today (pro-tip: stop posting links to RT which bears much responsibility for the election of Trump):

    Southern Poverty Law Center: “Russian TV Channel Pushes ‘Patriot’ Conspiracy Theories”

  2. Timo Okello says:

    Jesus! Your apples and oranges analogy. The point i was putting across was that the rulers of those same countries are thugs. George Bush the son is one of the thugs.

  3. woad2112 says:

    Soros and Putin would not get a long at all…he is more of a Republican kind of guy… Stein looks like a Russian plant to pull votes from disaffected Sanders voters by being a fake greenie as she has been all along. It’s interesting because Stein supporters were passing on propaganda from endthefed and brietbart…not from left wing sites.

  4. woad2112 says:

    Stein is just as much in bed with Putin as Trump. I am willing to bet her role was to draw support away from Hillary. In case you didn’t notice, Stein’s supporters were passing around articles about Hillary from sites like endthefed and brietbart as well as memes with the same old BS that the right has been throwing at Hillary for the past 30 years…like the “death list” BS.

  5. woodroad34 says:

    I was listening to NPR this morning and apparently the interim Attorney General had given the Trump Administration information on Flynn weeks ago, but King Con and Pence did nothing about it; so it’s not quite the “shock” everyone was expecting King Con et al to experience. Also, apparently it’s against Federal Law for a private citizen (which Flynn was at the time) to conduct foreign policy, according to that same spot. Shouldn’t he be in jail, then?

  6. woodroad34 says:

    See my post about how our spy agencies don’t want to give Trump, et al extremely sensitive material for the same reason you just mentioned.

  7. woodroad34 says:

    I’m now reading that our spy agencies don’t want to give Trump or his minions, like Flynn, sensitive information for fear it’ll leak to Russia. Apparently the original story was from Trump’s son-in-law’s newspaper, The Observer…the irony

  8. 2patricius2 says:

    Rofl! Good try.

  9. 2patricius2 says:

    During the campaign I saw pictures of her there.

  10. Stanley_Krute says:

    Wouldn’t it be strange if it turned out that Flynn was Putin’s Trump handler.

  11. Stanley_Krute says:

    Jill Stein was also there ??

    Why am I not surprised, albeit saddened.

  12. Sandrarhicks says:

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  13. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You’re comparing apples to oranges. Putin is one person, and the U.S. and Britain are countries.

  14. Jack Rauber says:

    You’re full of shit, Aravosis.

  15. Jack Rauber says:

    Americans aren’t. The MSM is promoting it because Jewish money was lost when Putin jailed the Oligarchs. Jews own our media so their little minions preach hate for Russia.

  16. Jack Rauber says:

    This is fake fucking news. Total bullshit. The lying Democrats at it again. And even if it were true, good for Flynn. We need better relations with Russia.

  17. Mark Gann says:

    Dont forget he stole robert crafts super bowl ring too….lmao

  18. Timo Okello says:

    Ok, i hear you. While you are pointing out that Putin is a thug, why not name all those who invade other countries, murder innocent people as thugs too? I mean countries like the US, Britain and collaborators.

  19. Bucket says:

    putin is the worst, and now he is inside the white house.

  20. Demosthenes says:

    Your comment probably made more sense in its original Russian.

  21. Demosthenes says:

    Gen’l Flynn may be the Putin’s handler for Manchurian “president” Don the Con.

  22. Trump did business with terrorist leader Gaddafi!~

  23. Okay, Natasha.

  24. katherine cassell harvey says:

    They hate Putin because he refused to go along with there new world order. Just like most Americans

  25. katherine cassell harvey says:

    And now we know who is behind this.Jill money hungry Stein bought by Soros. And what was she doing there maybe she is a spy for Russia

  26. katherine cassell harvey says:

    Putin is not as bad as our politicans who are more corrupt by starting and funding isis. Putin did not hack get over the lies

  27. meyerweb says:

    Putin is a serial murderer who kills or imprisons those who challenge him, invades sovereign countries and annexes their land. That is is abhorrent and illegal by any international standards. That’s why he’s a thug. And it has little to do with national security, and everything to do with Putin remaining in power.

  28. meyerweb says:

    Put him on trial for treason. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

  29. brel1 says:

    Trump chooses his favorite FSB agent. SAD.

  30. So did Nixon. Where was the outrage? So did George H.W. Bush. Where was the outrage? You people are nothing but a crowd of hypocrites peddling hoaxes.

    Eisenhower formally bowed to many people: Pope John XXIII, de Gaulle, Greek Orthodox Primate, etc.

  31. Chester Bukowski says:

    And Trump does business in Saudi Arabia.

  32. Timo Okello says:

    One man’s thug isn’t the others thug. Go figure. Calling Putin a thug isn’t going to change much what Russia has set out to do for the sake of her national security.

  33. melvin johns says:

    Obama bowed down to a Saudi Arabian king, where was the outrage. You people are nothing but a crowd of hypocrites.

  34. melvin johns says:

    Don’t worry, the war is coming.

  35. melvin johns says:

    How do you know he is thug, oh I forgot you heard that on the network news. You are just a stupid parrot.

  36. melvin johns says:

    America is on borrowed time, the problem in this world is not Russia, I use to think it was until I opened my eyes. Putin is not thug.
    America has been at war since 2001 and has spent over 6 trillion dollars.
    Millions of people have been killed, maimed and displaced from their homes because of our foreign policy.
    Ask these victims, if Putin is a thug.
    They would tell you that the thugs are Bush and Obama.
    Most of the American people are a bunch brainwashed idiots. The Russians are not going to put up with the demonization much longer. Nuclear war is coming to the shores America.

  37. NotConvinced says:

    This is so hard for me to understand after meeting the completely honest security weasel Gen. Flynn.

  38. goulo says:

    Acknowledging that Putin is a thug instead of pretending that he’s a wonderful humanitarian is not the same as being “hell bent on having a conflict with Russia”.

  39. venus markov says:


  40. ComradeRutherford says:

    “Why did they feel the need to lie about what was actually taking place behind the scenes with Putin’s top advisers?”

    Now, that is a good question. Someone ask Spicer…

  41. ComradeRutherford says:

    Because Republicans are doing it. Duh.

  42. PedzP says:

    It’s all unfolding slowly and at the same time, stomach sinking. Just disgusting this whole administration.

  43. johnhender says:

    Except this joke not funny . The orange clown played the flyover states summies and now we will all pay the price for this administration of con men and traitors

  44. Quilla says:

    How is this not treason?

  45. Timo Okello says:

    What’s wrong with Americans? Why are they hell bent on having a conflict with Russia? Empires have come and gone, and i think the US needs to realize that that is going to happen, if not happening to it already.

  46. seriously.

  47. Dystopia USA says:

    every turn of the day it gets worse. on so many levels. and we’re only 3 weeks in. the jokes on us.

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