CNN refuses to have Kellyanne Conway on because she lies too much

In rather astounding news, CNN reportedly turned down an offer from the White House to have senior adviser Kellyanne Conway go on the network this past Sunday because they had concerns about her credibility.

Conway recently claimed, for the third time, that a terrorist massacre occurred at Bowling Green, Kentucky — the Bowling Green Massacre, Conway calls it.

It never happened.

The NYT’s Jim Rutenberg reports:

Yet by the end of the weekend, it was Ms. Conway’s credibility that was receiving the most scrutiny (which she described as unfair and coming from “a lot of the haters” in her interview with Mr. Kurtz).

Some, like the New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen, were calling upon the television networks to stop booking her. And CNN declined to have her as a guest on Sunday — in part because the Trump administration offered her in lieu of Vice President Mike Pence, but also because of what the network told me were “serious questions about her credibility.”

Now, all of this happens in the larger framework of Trump’s White House previously refusing to let any of their staff or surrogates go on CNN. So it’s interesting that CNN begged to have Conway on, and it’s doubly interesting that CNN told her to take a hike.

Conway insists she pulled the plug on the appearance. CNN, which has more credibility than the lying Trump White House, says otherwise.

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8 Responses to “CNN refuses to have Kellyanne Conway on because she lies too much”

  1. sidearm45 . says:

    CNN has more credibility than the Trump White House. Okay liberal moron, that’s right there with your T shirt offer. Why don’t you whiny ass bitches act like fucking adults. Hillary lost the election because she totally sucked as a candidate. We in flyover country, you know those of us who don’t matter, got sick of your smug arrogance and collectively bitch slapped you. And what is the result. I watched the film from UC Berkeley. Wow you guys are scary. Takes a real bad ass to be involved in a 20 – 1 beat down or pepper spray a woman. If you push hard enough you will get a response you won’t like it a damn bit. Yes Trump says mean things, is rude, not politically correct, etc. We don’t care. We haven’t had representative government in over 30 years. Documented fact. America is an oligarchy. ruled by the wealthy. Barring a Constitutional Amendment or Supreme Court ruling their control has been absolute. Trump didn’t just win an election. He was an overthrow of a government that is corrupt to its core. We did it with ballots not bullets but the second option is still on the table. You people are supporting the CEO’s of big corporations, the investment firms on Wall Street, and the banks that have been manipulating the price of everything since before you were born. But Trump is the problem. Sure.

    Now you guys are talking mad crap about Kelly. You are also talking mad crap about the “Muslim Ban.” Did you know that after two terrorists were arrested by the FBI in Bowling Green that Obama halted the refugee program for six months? That would be unlikely as liberals ignore facts that don’t fit their narrative. All of the focus on the word massacre rather than what actually happened. No one is saying two scumbags from Iraq who had killed American soldiers were allowed into this country. While they were here they were trying to provide aid to Al Qaeda. They were also planning to commit attacks on Americans here in our own country. Because that might hinder liberal efforts to build an unbeatable voting block of foreign nationals.

    Why don’t you guys quit the histrionics and learn what is really going on in America? If your policies are worthy of being enacted they should be able to stand evaluation. Trump os Americas last chance. You don’t have to like it. oppose him all you want. As long as it remains in the realm of what is legal I support you exercising your rights. I just hope you come to see that what you think you are fighting for is everything you claim is wrong in this country.

  2. fry1laurie says:

    And the ban lasted…a day. Well played, CNN

  3. Sarahvpollock says:

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  4. Junk Box says:

    Good, they can stop carrying his press conferences also. I have no need for Shawn Spicer’s garbage either.

  5. rmthunter says:

    You’re absolutely right — the press bears as much responsibility for Trump’s election as do the Russians or James Comey. Now they’re reaping the rewards.

  6. Nichomachus says:

    And the British House of Commons won’t let Don “The Con” Trump speak there. This gang of thieves is beyond hope. They can’t even pretend to be respectable.

  7. fry1laurie says:

    One down, rest of the Republican Party to go.

  8. Quilla says:


    Little late to the duh-moment, CNN.

    I’m out of sympathy for those who didn’t see this coming, got played, and are now trying to act like responsible journalists.


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