Wikileaks threatens to collect dossiers on Twitter users

In a move some on Twitter are calling Gestapo-esque, appeared to threaten every single verified Twitter user — a move that would appear to violate Twitter’s anti-harassment policy.

In a series of tweets today, Wikileaks stated that it is considering creating a database of the family members, job, financial situation, and home addresses of every “verified” Twitter account. Verified accounts are the accounts with the blue checks that help to denote someone is a celebrity, corporate leader, politician, journalist, etc.

Here are Wikileaks’ tweets:



Wikileaks then went on to try to “explain.” The explanation left much to be desired:


So would Wikileaks hack accounts in order to illegally collect this information? Would Wikileaks accept information that others hack — oh, I don’t know, say some guy named Vladimir does the hacking for you?

It sounds as if Wikileaks is trying to untie some make-believe conspiracy that they think is housed on Twitter. The world is against them, and if they can just connect the dots, they’ll find that we’re all named Rothschild or something.

One irony of course is that Wikileaks’ Twitter account is written by someone anonymously.

People have wondering for a while just what has gotten into Wikileaks, what with Julian Assange stating his preference for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, including Assange’s recent praise for Trump. But this is another matter entirely. Wikileaks just threatened lord knows how many Twitter members. Keeping track of our family members? What does this mean for the privacy of LGTBT people, or victims of domestic violence who are on the run from an abusive spouse?

This is a direct threat from Wikileaks to every single person on Twitter, and would appear to be a violation of Twitter’s rules against threatening other members. In fact, some folks at Anonymous have already weighed in, calling on Twitter to enforce its terms of service against Wikileaks:


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