Trump’s treatment of Melania on Inauguration Day was abhorrent

Marc Snetiker of Entertainment Weekly shared two images this weekend that speak volumes about Donald Trump.

Both show the Trumps arriving at the White House the morning of the inauguration, and being greeted by the Obamas.

In the photos, you see Trump leaving the car, walking up to meet the Obamas, and leaving his wife Melania nowhere to be found. Later, you find Melania walking up by herself, ignored. In the second pic, you see Trump walking into the White House and ignoring his wife, who the Obamas end up taking care of.

At the suggestion of someone on Twitter, I went and found the video. It’s no better. Trump just abandoned his wife all together.

Contrast this with the Obama’s meeting the Bushes on their inauguration day in 2009. You’ll note Barack letting Michelle go first:

And there’s video. Note how Obama waited for Michelle to get out of the car.

Another telling moment, right before Trump’s searing in.

It’s going to take me a while to completely forgive Melania Trump for suggesting that journalist Jewish Julia Ioffe deserved to be viciously attacked by neo-Nazis online. Still, I feel sorry for Melania.

I’d love to get Trump in a room with Michelle for five minutes. That would set him straight.

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  • Sherry Sue

    Oh but I thought you all wanted to be EQUAL??? Hows about the first woman president letting her first gentleman go first to shake hands and not let the 100 people around him who would give an arm to open his car door? YOU who wear vagina heads!? Lol

  • Sherry Sue

    How does it look from down there now? I hear its YUGE!

  • wahnano .

    I respect Donald Trump. Nowadays the real ones are always put down and attacked but the fake ones are honored and put on the podium. I’m not white or republican or whatever you want to label me. I’m true and I love true people and anything that has to do with the truth.

  • Hereiam Bitches

    Melania is very old. Past childbearing age. 46, to be exact. Middle aged. No hair left, wears wigs. Trump is still by her side. Eat crow.

  • Hereiam Bitches

    You’re delusional. She is keeping paces behind him to protect herself from potential assassins like many here, Soros butt boys.

  • Hereiam Bitches

    Not. He is well aware of the corrupt rot and he will put a stop to it. And quick!

  • Hereiam Bitches

    I wouldn’t change a thing!

  • Hereiam Bitches

    I love him!

  • Hereiam Bitches

    Ganter is illiterate.

  • Hereiam Bitches

    Learn some grammar, boy.

  • Hereiam Bitches


  • Hereiam Bitches

    I so agree, darling. Such sore LOSERS! Must be their Little Circumcised Dick Syndome!

  • Hereiam Bitches

    No. Full of penis envy. You’re just seething. Poor dear.

  • Mark Ganter

    Very clearly lil donnie shows himself to be the self-absorbed, ill mannered, puddle deep, three times married, adulterous, pussy grabber in chief, flaming asshole that he is. Versus Obama being the courteous gentleman, honorable husband and father he is. Clear as day.

  • vanilla doll

    Most commenters here sound like a bitter bunch of old women. Gossiping about their delusions and conjecturing aloud. Yawn…..

  • vanilla doll

    Such a STUPID comment. Sooooo old school and empty.

  • Roxamme

    Most intelligent people cannot wrap their heads around even getting one vote for this profoundly evil and ignorant man Trump!!! He is a disgusting human being and a disgrace and a shameful embarrassment to our country and to the world. He should be quickly impeached, and we need to rid ourselves of the entire con artist Trump family!!!!

  • Lyc

    Women love the bad boys, and they believe they can change them somehow, even when they are hurting badly.

  • Wendy George

    You clearly saw what you you wanted to see. Yes, he waits at the end, but only because he realizes he is ALONE, and not knowing what to do, doubles back NOT for Melania, but for Obama. He pats her on the back to hurry her ahead and you know he must have had some half-thought of “Oh, yeah, ladies first, or some such b.s., ” and walks in with Obama. Check out video tapes of other President-elects on Inauguration Day and see how they do it. Not just Obama, who is known for his deference to his wife, but ANY with a video available for viewing. Clinton, often criticized for sometimes being somewhat *less* than deferential to his wife, helps his daughter up the stairs and then waits for Hillary. Donald Trump has been rubbing elbows with (presumptively) “polite” society his entire life…how is he so clueless? Or is it not cluelessness at all but the ill-mannered shortcomings of a truly Narcissistic Personality.

  • Mark Ganter

    This speaks volumes.

  • Sebastian

    Yeah how come he looks so angry signing all those executive orders. Apparently he is angry he’s not getting the respect he thinks he deserves now but I don’t know even now he’s got what he wanted he’s angry all the time because the press keep telling the truth about what a POS he is and apparently he’s glued to 24/7 news coverage a lot of the time when people think he should be doing other things.

  • Sebastian

    He’s obsessed with the military they are one of the few things he cares about. He said on 60 minutes he was going to help people having trouble getting health care but then said later that’s only going to be for the military he’s going to help them get more health care not other people.

  • Sebastian

    The Obamas’ whole manner was you poor thing we’ll make you feel special on your big day if he won’t.

  • Sebastian

    Obama did for Michelle. Waited for her to get out of the car and waited for her to come around and the way Obama did it it’s clear he does that every day. He doesn’t think twice about showing courtesy to his wife. Trump felt Melania was unimportant on his big day.

  • Sebastian
  • Sebastian

    Trump was just saying insane things because he thought he was going to lose and his ego couldn’t handle it.

  • Originaljpf

    I expect nothing less from this self absorbed narcissist. I don’t think he ever discussed running are much else with her and I really wonder if Barron wasn’t in the picture would she still be there. I feel genuine empathy for her and never expected to. I bet she does know things that would bring him down to the point he’d have to step up to the top of the ladder to see out of hell.

  • lfofriley

    He should have gone round to get her like any gentleman would…they should have rehearsed these details on such a moment.

  • lfofriley

    That was really unbelievable…no denying that image

  • Layla_22

    Ignore him….you cannot fix “crazies” or “liars”.

  • Layla_22

    One of the other wives once said he did not help raise the children. I will bet you their house is “ice cold” and the only time he shown any kind of affection, if you’d call it that, is when he summons her from the opposite wing for whatever position he wants for whatever. I will bet he has not clue what it is like to hug his wife and son whenever he is home or even have a decent conversation.

  • Layla_22

    A man who said he would date his daughter. I cannot rationalize this in my mind. I never heard of such crap, and if my dad even remotely looked at me in the wrong way, I would pluck his eyes out.

  • Layla_22

    3rd marriage and how many bed partners? Geez! And he will not always love her. He does not love her now. As soon as he gets what he wants, he will trade her in for a younger model, just as he did the others. The old, ugly orangutan does not like old women.

  • Layla_22

    True. But have you ever noticed none of the wives/EXs say anything. I am sure they have stories to tell. Most women love to talk, but I will bet their silence has been paid for.

  • Layla_22

    I doubt they did. I swear we were told a week after I voted that the votes were flipped and to vote again. I was not comfortable with voting twice, and was not sure what to believe. How could they be flipped??

  • Tim Holmes

    After all this, I still can’t fathom how so many women voted for this creep? That would imply that i am trying to understand women..I’ll just stop now.

  • lfofriley

    I was feeling sorry for Melania all the way up until todays cover of Mexican Vanity Fair with her eating diamonds out of a bowl and saying she was going to be the next Jackie O… all bets are off…she is trash….what happened to all the forgotten poor people.. will she say, let them eat cake?? This is unacceptable for a first lady…..Shes promoting her jewelry line and finally getting her dream of a supermodel which she has been fabricating for years…disgusting for sure. What an insult to Mexico…I have to say..Vanity Fair sure did make the Trumps look like fools…they must not of liked all the horrible things trump said about them BEFORE the photo shoot in April…

  • John Smith

    He respects no one except himself, she has been totally humiliated by him again and again. I feel sorry she has to be dissed in public by him continuously. She obviously ‘knows her place’ probably scared to death if she didn’t.

  • (((Kate)))

    There are two kinds of men, thoughtful and loving and trump.

  • (((Kate)))

    Honestly there isn’t much room in the white house for anything more than trumps ego and his collection of hairspray. Is there?

  • sashag

    What??!! He completely walks in the doors ALONE (after completely ignoring his wife during the greeting), realizes that Obama was behind the ladies, and THEN decides to turn & let them go ahead so that he could walk in with Obama. Where is the lie?? I would be so embarrassed to be his wife!

  • sashag

    Yeah, I saw that part where he actually did stop and let the woman go ahead at the very end. You can obviously tell that he only did it because Obama was behind the ladies. If anything, it was an afterthought! lol

  • Eponine Jones

    Review the Obamas introduction to the White House in 2009. Michelle got out on the other side of the car, as well, and Barack showed the world that it is possible to show a united front, even when getting out of the other side of a car!

  • Cassandra lowe

    maybe continue the video where he stops and leads his wife in a head of him lol

  • haes12

    I also found it ironic that one of the songs the Trumps danced to on inauguration day at one of the parties was “I Will Always Love You”! Not that appropriate for a man on his third marriage.

  • haes12

    Actually, Barron acts more like a child with autism.

  • haes12

    So we go from “no drama” Obama to “no manners” Trump. But what would you expect of a man with
    a third wife young enough to be his daughter that he has referred to as “a nice piece of ass on your arm”?

  • Annie Coffman

    He left Melania at the car while he charged up the steps. He’s trash.

  • basenjilover

    So do you if you’re here reading. Boo-yah!

  • basenjilover

    In video take careful look at Trump… smiling at Melania then he pouts just as he turns around. Living with egomaniacal must be taking a toll on her. I guess for her diamonds, furs and expensive designer clothes trumps happiness.

  • nepaconservative

    Too bad the video cuts off where he stops at the door and lets the ladys go first LYING SCUM. #FAKENEWS

  • lfofriley

    I am sure he was pretty darn angry that she showed up for only two days of the entire Inauguration celebrations and left him to go to all those events alone…. she flew out of there on Friday night back to NY and Baron didn’t have school until the following Thursday leaving him alone again…she seems to have no interest in being at the WH. Judging from the treatment of her …run Melania. The pics of them together were gross anyone, he looks like her grandfather…the dance was the worst ever…the way he had her mashed into him…yuck.

  • Duke Woolworth

    Perhaps that explains why son Barron is so sullen when in his father’s presence. He seems to be a little more happy when with his mother only.

  • Art Jackson

    Given that he is such a narcissist he can’t handle the slightest fact not showing him as the best ever in all ways, and the report of him “enraged” at Spicer for not lying more exorbitantly about the inauguration attendence, he is going to be mad all the time.

  • Art Jackson

    True, but in fact he doesn;t respect women, period.

  • Art Jackson

    Yes, that is all terribly disturbing.

  • Art Jackson

    But you should care, Roy, for the reason that it shows us more about his self-absorption and lack of even mere politeness.

  • Art Jackson

    I prefer impeachment before he can do more harm, and some exit strategy for her to get away from him and live her own life for good or ill.

  • Art Jackson

    The double picture showing him charging up the steps and the Obamas escorting Melania are a perfect microcosmic illustration of Trump’s self-centered self-absorption and the Obamas’ absolute class.

  • Voosey

    Normally I would think this is speculative bullshit but in this case it’s clearly not. It’s not a stretch to imagine what he thinks of women based on shit he’s said and I’m not some woman that expects a man to grovel at my feet and hold doors open for me but I’ve seen video of him and photos and he just leaves her ass in the dust. She’s nothing more than an afterthought to him. I wouldn’t’ be surprised if he is an absolute psycho to her in private. He did say, in his own words, that when he comes home and dinner isn’t ready he goes through the roof. I absolutely believe that.

  • MarthaMyDearTX

    Wow, you really have too much time on your hands. Ridiculous…

  • Carrie Watkins Schat

    My students who have Asperger’s Syndrome have more manners! I think he walked away in an asshole sort of way!

  • Duke Woolworth

    That was not a smile. It wa a grimace, his most common expression after anger. Bad time ahead, folks.

  • glynnis bugati

    I fear not enough of us have that capacity. It’s one bright shiny object quickly discarded when the next one appears.

  • chelsea_w

    “Buckle your seatbelt … I just had a huge breakfast burrito.”

  • ratstar770

    “Now that I’m president we will be spending more time together!”
    “Yay! Great!”

  • kindness heals

    I am sad to see this… I did post on his page that people are to be treasured not conquered. Maybe, if more people sent him polite messages to remember to treasure people if might help him treat her better. I agree, wish he had waited for her. Prayers for him to grow in maturity with his wife and family.

  • Amélie Frank

    We are capable of paying attention to more than one thing happening at a time, fortunately.

  • glynnis bugati

    This “poor little hostage Melania” routine is part of the grift. It’s in her contract.

    Con-artists are masters of distraction.

    They keep throwing these little bombs around, while the real business of stealing all the money goes on behind the scenes.

  • Linda Sanbower- Burke

    A gentleman KNOWS you wait for a lady and ESCORT HER! Miss Manners/Emily Post is Rolling in her grave. He’s a total Boor!

  • Eye-candy, trophy wife, and eugenically-approved brood mare for producing male heirs.

  • regis091 .

    So did Michelle, and Barack WAITED FOR HER. That is the difference!

  • TM McKeny

    She did get out of the other side of the car.

  • Demosthenes

    Jared Kushner is keeping an eye on the Donald.

  • Demosthenes

    Melania is “eye candy” for the Donald. He doesn’t care about her at all.

  • Anon2

    I don’t care how rich (or not) they are…I would hate to be married in that family and see that behavior or suffer the consequences of generational behavior. And the way he acts like he’s never been in a church! My grandma tsk, tsking from the grave.

  • I use an automatic filter on Twitter, so people get blocked sometimes by accident. I certainly wouldn’t block you for supporting something I said. If you let me know your twitter handle, I can unblock it.

  • Niblet58

    Even worse is his young son’s face around his sire. It is as blank as a chalk board. When he is with his mom, he has bright eyes and smiles. With dad… dead expression. This fuck abuses his family. You just can tell by how they are with him and away from him. Like two different people.

  • Erika English

    I would love to support you but you blocked me on twitter for supporting what you said. That’s bizarre – I will follow elsewhere.

  • Chris Dougherty

    The sick part of the exchange is that he was giving the eye to Ivanka, who responded with a flirtatious look that better suited her being at a dinner party on the Upper West Side. I’m sorry, this is very creepy.

  • Quilla

    Asperger’s Syndrome.


  • mamayo

    he’s a pig!

  • RobertInSF

    President-Elect Trump was too busy getting his photo-op set up by saluting the Marines on duty there. He wanted to make sure it was seen that he respected the military apparently, by returning a salute as a private citizen, not yet commander-in-chief. Watch…he does it twice, just to get it on camera I am thinking….

  • woodroad34

    You’ll also notice that when Melania was greeting Michelle, Trump came by knocking them apart for the photo op. And that was quite the space between Trump and his wife during the photo op–lots of bad body language. I also noticed that Obama’s smile is warm and open, Trump’s was a grimacing, who-cut-the-mustard smile. Obama and Michelle gracefully led Melania inside, while Drumpf just walked away in that Asperger’s Syndrome sort of way.

  • betaray100

    Maybe she pointed out the lack of crowds along the route when driving to the Capitol?

  • Is anyone surprised? He doesn’t respect her. She’s a trophy. She’s disposable just like the first two wives. No woman with any self respect would meet him for a drink much less sleep with him much less marry him. So no, he doesn’t respect her and doesn’t even see any reason to pretend like he does.

  • brel1

    How else would an inconsiderate, selfish narcissist act? His whole life is an act of false facade and fraud. No surprise that the Russians have the goods on him.

  • That’s because Trump is a pig (with apologies to genus Swine everywhere). I’m sure in his eyes, Melina is nothing more than another possession, to use when convenient and ignore the rest of the time. No wonder she’s in no hurry to move into the White House.


    This must be Trump’s idea of respecting women. No one respects them more than he does, remember?

  • Jimmy

    But not shocking, is it? In Trump’s world, wives are assets. When they’ve exceeded their useful life he disposes of them and gets a younger, firmer version.

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