Trump is getting policy ideas from the TV show “West Wing”

Incoming Republican president Donald Trump appears to have gotten his latest crazy idea, to move the White House press corps out of the White House, from an episode of the hit TV show, “West Wing.”

News of the controversial move came this weekend.

Trump’s staff claims that the possible eviction of the press is to give the media a larger room, somewhere far away, where Trump can squeeze in more press — read: more friendly fake press — into the room.

In other words, Trump wants a press room full of sycophantic Jeff Gannons.

Ironically, the West Wing covered this topic 16 years ago in an episode called “The Leadership Breakfast.”

In the segment, below, Sam is arguing with CJ about his great idea to move the press out of the West Wing. CJ tells Sam that it will look like they’ve got something to hide. Sam responds, we do have something to hide. The relevant dialogue starts at the 17:15 mark in the video.

Here’s hoping there are no episodes of “Friends” where Joey nukes the Middle East.

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6 Responses to “Trump is getting policy ideas from the TV show “West Wing””

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  3. Badgerite says:

    Oh, agreed absolutely. But I think the corruption aspect is why he was trying so desperately break into the Russian real estate market. His kind of people, as it were. But he probably got more than he bargained for. The KGB ( past and present ) is way out of his league. And he was compromised and groomed to do just what he is doing. Damage the United States and its influence in the world,

  4. Quilla says:

    All that, yes, but IMHO Donald is not calling any shots here. “Former” KGB Putin is laughing while playing him and his sycophants. Donald doesn’t have the mental capacity to make any decisions, from the color of his tie to government policy, and he’s more of a puppet than Reagan or Bush ever were.

    Joke’s on us.

  5. Badgerite says:

    IMO, what attracts trump to Russia is the corruption. That is the element he is most comfortable in and the kind of environment that he admires. There is no interest of the United States being served there. None. It is damaging to our security and our economy. And Putin will be the last person to want to protect the US from terrorism. It is trump and Putin who are taking us back to a Cold War World mentality. Putin needs to. The Orange cheeto wants to because that is where he is comfortable. Old habits and all. That and the FSB has been grooming him for years. He can never release his tax returns because that is what is shown in them. The flow of assets from Russia into the trump pockets. He’s bought and paid for as well as compromised.

  6. Demosthenes says:

    Don the Con hates a free press. His handler Putin surely brags to Trump about how easy it is to stifle the press.

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