CNN: Trump is either a liar or delusional

Well, that went well. Donald Trump is only four days into presidency, yet he already has the usually-reticent American media questioning his veracity and sanctity of mind.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had a panel of journalists discussing the blockbuster news from this afternoon’s White House briefing, that Donald Trump believes up to 5 million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election. Trump claims to have secret evidence that the White House is refusing to release, and even refusing to have the FBI investigate.

Reporters at the briefing were incredulous. How could the White House not investigate proof that of the most massive voter fraud in the history of the country?

Of course, the answer is clear. Trump is either lying, crazy or both. What’s amazing is that only four days into the new administration, the media has already come to the same conclusion.

Here’s CNN’s Mark Preston:

“He’s undermining his staff by forcing them to go out and repeat his lies. And if he’s not lying, let’s assume he’s not lying at all. He’s either delusional and he believes it, or to Dana’s point, the insecurities…”

It doesn’t get any more direct than that.

Here’s the video:

Now, why does this matter? Why is this not simply Trump diverting us from more important issues like the ACA repeal or the Russian penetration of his campaign and administration? A few reasons:

1. Politics isn’t always won on the smartest issues. The GOP motivated its base with their BS attack on Hillary over Benghazi. Benghazi was nothing compared to the number of diplomatic deaths the Bush administration had under its watch (not to mention the 3,000 who died on 9/11), yet we had far more investigations of Benghazi than we had of George Bush. Also, there’s Hillary’s email server, another nothingburger of an issue that hurt her in the campaign.

2. Driving Trump up the wall is a worthwhile strategy. The more Trump acts up, the more we attack him, the more he acts up even more, the more his poll numbers drop, and the more Republicans in Congress start to distance themselves from Trump, lest his falling popularity hurt them in the next election. And all of that makes it increasingly difficult for Trump to further his agenda.

3. If the president is a nutjob, it’s important that the American people know that, regardless of politics.

So that’s why I’ll continue to expose the fact that Donald Trump is a petulant narcissistic adolescent nut. And so should you.

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10 Responses to “CNN: Trump is either a liar or delusional”

  1. woodroad34 says:

    Lincoln (you know as in “the party of Lincoln”?) talked about his own party when abolishing slavery as the “know nothing party”:

    In today’s political climate, Obama is more like Lincoln than any republican sophist know nothings.

  2. cslib says:

    Why settle for one or the other? He’s both.

  3. gratuitous says:

    The media should also grow thicker ears, so that when the inevitable squawking about how unfair they’re being by paying attention to Trump’s words and tweets, they know enough to ignore it. Let’s get back to the good old days when the President’s word was taken seriously. Trump wants to yammer on about voter fraud? Hold him to it. This isn’t a difficult concept, is it?

  4. mgiltz says:

    “Nothingburger” is hilarious. You never know what moment will catch fire with the media and the public. Could Trump have met his Waterloo on Day Four with his absurd fantasies about voter fraud because he can’t accept having lost the popular vote or even the fact that more people showed up in protest the day after the Inauguration than for the Inauguration itself? If he’s literally incapable of admitting he was wrong/lying/insecure this could go on and on. I’m horrified about the safety of this country (why isn’t his refusal to do the job and get daily intelligence briefings the thing that people focused on?) and ghoulishly fascinated.

  5. Brian McDowell says:


  6. Somni 451 says:

    Kind of funny. The media propped him up with continual coverage and millions in Mercer funding. Now they realize they helped elect an unfit man for office. Just his international holdings should have barred him from even running. He is a liability. On a side note: Who is benefiting? Israel, as fewer and fewer people are paying attention to new settlements or Bibi’s personal scandals. Now we need the media to consolidate their efforts. It is happening. NYT cited WP today. Who is going to be left in the press room? Wonkette and NewsMax and the Daily Caller, who are all propped up by an army trolls whom most are not even real or are Russions working for $5 an hour.

  7. So, this is a man who took the job last Friday at Noon, then went to a series of parties. He took the weekend off, and today, Tuesday, there are already published reports he is telling people he is angry he “hasn’t got to enjoy the job yet like I should’ve.”

    He’s not crazy… he’s a millennial!

  8. brel1 says:

    It’s really disturbing that people (especially media) can not detect a con artist and a mental case when they see one over an entire campaign.

  9. woodroad34 says:

    Republicans love going back in time…this time they’ve gone back to 1969….that paranoiac administration did not end well. Can anyone say, “Sock it….to me?”

  10. JeffAtMinet says:

    Either? More like both.
    And the media is only a year or so behind the rest of us, either in realizing it or in admitting it. Again, probably a bit of both.

    Like Climate Change – we’re SO fucked. :-(

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