Election Night Open Thread

It’s election night, and it looks like it’s going to be a nail-biter.

At least it is so far.

I’m watching this at home, and will be tweeting more than I’m blogging. So feel free to join in the comments on this post, and/or follow me on Twitter: @aravosis

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  • Rainbird

    Yes! This!

  • Blogvader

    You don’t get to blame anyone but yourself.

  • You shouldn’t have needed extra coaxing to join us in stopping Donald Trump .

  • Blogvader

    I am never, ever silently sitting through a lecture from establishment Democrats about ‘strategy’ or ‘pragmatism’ ever again. If the party insiders do not lose their jobs over the outright idiocy of this campaign, then they deserve to lose.

  • Blogvader

    And here I thought you’d probably find time to write another character assassination post about Bernie, or make fun of millennials, or demonizing people who disagree with you.

    Brilliant strategy.

  • Zorba

    And today, November 9, is the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht in Germany.
    Just think about that one. :-(

  • goulo

    Some interesting post-mortems at dailykos about establishment Democrats misreading the country’s mood:

    “This was an anti-establishment cycle, and Clinton was an establishment candidate.”:

    “Large parts of the Democratic coalition were ignored and told to shut up.”:

    “How did we go from electing our first black president to electing one endorsed by the KKK?”:

  • Phil in FLL

    It wasn’t just John. (And John supported Obama in 2008). Remember the PUMAs of the 2008 campaign? The distrust of and dislike for Hillary was high in 2008 as well. Also, John supported Hillary after the primaries had already started (early 2016). That doesn’t account for the huge amount of pressure that kept other prospective candidates, like Andrew Cuomo or Joe Biden, from even entering the race back in 2015.

  • Phil in FLL

    Your question is well taken. (And I can see that one longtime commenter has already “liked” your comment, so other people are no doubt asking the same question in the spirit of constructive criticism.) Although my opinion may not be shared by others, I suspect the answer to your question lies in the limits of identity politics. To explain myself, let me say that identity politics has a valid rationale when it is used to point out an injustice suffered by a demographic of the population. Black Lives Matter or campaigns to maintain reproductive choice for women are two examples of a valid rationale for using identity politics because they seek to right a wrong. However, there is one particular limitation on using identity politics. It is possibly the worst way to choose a viable candidate, that is, assuming you want your candidate to actually win and therefore exercise political power in a positive way. Barack Obama did not base the argument of his candidacy on identity politics, but Hillary, at least to some extent, did. Using identity politics to choose a candidate, rather than using identity politics more effectively to right a wrong, is a good way to lose elections.

    To answer your question directly, I think the DNC will tacitly begin to concentrate on pushing for a candidate based solely on whether the candidate has the ability to start a winning campaign that really catches fire… you know, like Barack Obama did.

  • emjayay

    That is not good news, either.

  • 1) Karl Rove is a rat, and when you can’t see or smell a rat for a while that means he just went deeper underground. He stole it again.

    2) Republicans always have the “tell” of complaining about something, because they are doing it – illegitimate elections and voter fraud, etc.

    It’s not “projection”, at least not only. It’s “inoculation” because all this time Trump has been saying, “it’s rigged” (while rigging it), so when we question the illicit outcome the republicans can say, “oh, so now you’re claiming it when you didn’t win?”

  • Rainbird

    Has the DNC learned anything? …is the real question.

  • Rainbird

    You pushed a candidate nobody liked and yet you are able to pull off surprise?

  • I’m still without words. Hopefully going to write or film something in a bit. Just wow.

  • Boother

    It’s a sad day in America. I hope the more rational citizens regroup and rally for a return to sanity. In the mean time it may be for minorities to embrace the second amendment and defend themselves.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    At least, you’re not Latino. I’m going to start carrying a copy of my birth certificate and my passport with me at all times.

  • goulo

    Well, that certainly turned out worse than I expected. :(

  • quax

    This is how the American century dies, ironically almost exactly 100 years after the USA emerged as world power from WW1.

  • If Trump wins, John, as is looking increasingly likely, I’ll be disappearing from the Internet. Too much shit out there which will (1) destroy my equanimity and (2) possibly result in me being imprisoned for speaking against America’s new Fuhrer.

    It was a pleasure writing for you while it lasted, sorry I couldn’t keep up with it.

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