Trump flip-flops on “the wall” with Mexico: American taxpayers will now pay for it

In a speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today, Donald Trump announced a blockbuster flip-flop in his signature policy of building a wall between the US and Mexico.

Up until today, Trump had always said that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Yet today, Trump revealed that American taxpayers are now paying for the multi-billion-dollar wall, and that, allegedly, Mexico will “reimburse” us for the cost. And no explanation from Trump as to why Mexico would do any such thing.

To see the video clip of Trump saying this, click the image below.

This raises the question of why the flip-flop, and why now? Trump didn’t need to qualify today, 17 days before the election, that we’re actually going to pay for the wall ourselves, and then hope that Mexico maybe-kinda-sorta pays us back. So why did he issue that clarification today, and now?

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16 Responses to “Trump flip-flops on “the wall” with Mexico: American taxpayers will now pay for it”

  1. frankelee says:

    That America would get bilked out of billions of dollars during his Presidency is a given when you look at how he bilks everyone else he’s every worked with. Really, we’d be lucky to keep it in the billions and not the trillions.

  2. Duke Woolworth says:

    If there’s no demand for their drugs or labor, few will attempt a crossing. There should be a mechanism for family visits, tourism, or schooling as with most countries.
    No wall needed, but a blow to ladder companies.

  3. Robb L. says:

    funny tho – Drudge & InfoWars don’t mention a thing about that part of the speech ….

  4. Houndentenor says:

    But your comment had facts and logic! So obviously no Trump supporter is going to listen to all that! (Seriously, good work thinking that through.)

  5. Houndentenor says:

    There are so many things that Trump has done that makes me wonder if he isn’t trying to lose. That or he’s insane/stupid. Or some combination of the above? No idea.

  6. Houndentenor says:

    Like his campaign that people said he would self-finance but that really pays HIM (or his businesses)? Yeah.

  7. 2patricius2 says:

    We already have a wall along part of the border, and there are tunnels underneath as well.

  8. emjayay says:

    See my comment above.

  9. emjayay says:

    Trump of course has never explained how Mexico would be forced to pay for a multi-billion dollar wall. All I can think of is something like 50 or 75% tariff on imports from Mexico. This would quickly result in closing of GM and Ford and other auto plants in Mexico leaving only enough production facilities there for cars sold in Mexico or other countries. Ten or fifteen percent of components in cars produced in the US and Canada are made in Mexico. So higher prices for US cars. Then there’s agricultural products. And a lot of electrical stuff like switches and wall plugs and who knows what else that you see Made in Mexico tags on. And tons of other stuff I haven’t noticed.

    Then Mexico puts retaliatory tariffs on American made goods and agricultural products.

    Can’t really see this working out.

  10. RepubAnon says:

    And if you buy that, have I got a deal for you… no checks, please. Cash up front – in small, unmarked bills.

  11. BeccaM says:

    Won’t happen, but if it did, Mexico should say the workmanship is lousy and the wall shoddy, so they won’t pay for it. Just like Donald does.

  12. Dover Bill says:

    Nobody will pay for it cuz it won’t be built… unless The Donald wishes to self-finance it.

  13. HKAnders says:

    The only reason he would do this now is to depress turnout among his core supporters, destroy down-ballot Republican candidates, shift control of the House to the Democrats, and punish Paul Ryan by costing him the speakership. If that is not Trump’s goal, then I am at a loss to explain it.

  14. Moderator3 says:

    Please explain.

  15. Grant Saw says:

    Trump has now put the cherry on top of of his farce of a Sundae campaign for the democrats. He not only should be thanked by dems, but lauded for his unusual sacrifice to the public good. To carry on a persona so destructive and absurd for so long takes great focus and stamina. Trump has proved his skills of an actor now and is worthy of the Emmy he seeks.

  16. Lily Lee says:

    If the wall is built, Mexicans will pay for it! …’s all about taxes and tariffs!

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