Donald Trump Jr. honors 9/11 with racist, anti-semitic meme

Donald Trump Jr., the son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, honored the nation’s solemn 9/11 holiday by sharing a racist, anti-semitic meme on his Instagram account.

In a post intending to mock Hillary Clinton’s recent comments about half of Donald Trump’s supporters being “deplorable” racists, sexists and homophobes, Trump’s son posted a picture of himself, his father and others with the title ” The Deplorables.”

In that image is a picture of a green frog — the symbol of the “alt-right,” the growing white supremacist movement that Trump’s campaign director, Stephen Bannon, panders to with his publication Breitbart.

I just copied this myself from Trump’s Instagram account:

don-trump-jr-instagram-2 Equally bad, the picture of the racist mascot appears next to a photo of the World Trade Center.


The image Trump posted also includes Milo Yiannopoulos, an “alt-right” leader who works for Breitbart.

It cannot be overstated — this “frog” is the symbol of a white supremacist movement. The same movement that swarms blacks and Jews on Twitter, in the hopes of forcing them off of social media entirely. The same movement that boycotts movies like Star Wars for putting a woman and a black man among the lead characters of the movie.

That’s who Donald Trump is pandering to. And that’s deplorable.

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