Brilliant, hilarious parody of Trump and the 1st presidential debate

This is an absolutely brilliant parody of Trump and the first presidential debate.

It’s so good, I watched it twice.

The video is by Randy Rainbow, who I’ve never heard of — he’s wonderful.

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  • basenjilover

    Randy’s GOP drop out parodies are funny!

  • keirmeister

    “Wait a minute, did you just hand him his ass AND quote Martha Stewart?”


  • woodroad34

    I’m very, very sure that Mary Poppins would sing that to Trump if she ever met him….probably try to even make him take a spoonful of sugar.

    BTW, Randy Rainbow has done some other clever videos like this…..I was sort of put off of him from his earlier videos, but he’s found his mark.

  • Grant Saw

    Very well done. Yayy!!

  • S1AMER

    Oh, my — I also had to watch it twice, ’cause I missed so much from laughing the first time!

  • UncleBucky

    Randy is ready for Prime Time!

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