GOP Rep. Kinzinger: Trump being manipulated by Putin, KGB; won’t vote for Trump

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) today said on CNN that Vladimir Putin is successfully using “the KGB playbook” to manipulate GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Kinzinger added that he won’t be voting for Trump in November.

Now you have Vladimir Putin basically pulling out the old KGB playbook on how to manipulate Donald Trump, and it appears he’s fallen right into it.


GOP Rep. Donald Kinzinger.

When asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer whether he could see himself eventually voting for Donald Trump, Kinzinger said his intention has always been to “get there,” but now “I don’t see how I get there anymore.”

Kinzinger went on to explain why he doesn’t see how he can support Trump:

When I see… a president who has almost unchecked power in foreign policy and talks about how great Vladimir Putin is, and how he doesn’t even know the Russians are in Ukraine, makes fun of the disabled, and the whole litany of things from the Gold Star family on…. for me personally, how can I support that?

Kinzinger added that one doesn’t have to vote for just Trump or Clinton, there are a lot of other people on the ballot.

You know, I’m not going to support Hillary, but in America we have the right to write somebody in or skip the vote… and that’s what it’s looking like for me today. I just don’t see how I get to Donald Trump anymore.

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