BREAKING: 5 cops dead, 12 cops shot in Dallas by snipers at anti-violence rally

Around 10pm tonight, during a peaceful anti-violence rally in Dallas, gunshots rang out.

11 police officers have been shot, 4 are dead.

UPDATE 10:34am ET: 12 officers have been injured, 5 are now dead. The police apparently took out the one suspect, holed up in a parking garage, by using a bomb defusing robot to carry a bomb to the shooter, and then blowing him up.

UPDATE, 1:38am Eastern Time: Police are in “negotiations” with a suspect in a garage. The Dallas police have been¬†exchanging gunfire with the suspect. He has told law enforcement that he will kill more of them, and that he has set bombs all over Dallas. They also have a woman in custody. And have stopped a Mercedes containing two suspects who had camouflaged bags — they are in custody. The Dallas PD does not have a complete comfort level that they have all of the suspects. The chief says there may have been four people working together, coordinating their rifle fire.¬†

The chief makes it sound like this had been planned in advance. But this anti-violence rally likely came up out of nowhere, following the two deaths of African-American men at the hands of police in the past two days. So, it’s difficult to believe they had that much time to plan to attack this particular rally.

Along those lines:

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Video of the first shots:

More background:

There were reportedly multiple gunmen using assault weapons. The gunmen are being described as “snipers.” Two suspects are in custody.

More from the Dallas Police Department:

dallas police department update on shooting

In other news, former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh thought it would be a good time to threaten the life of the President:

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Interestingly, the Dallas Police were live-tweeting the anti-violence rally, and just four hours ago posted a really neat photo of two cops posing with a protester, all of them smiling:

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Some tweets:

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