NY exit polls show huge race gap, Sanders only won white men

Now that Hillary has won the New York primary, CNN has published its exit polling for the New York primary today, and it’s devastating to Bernie Sanders’ attempt to shake off the perception that he’s the candidate of young white people.

In fact, CNN’s data shows that it is in fact unfair to call Sanders the candidate of white people. He’s the candidate of white men. 

Hillary Clinton won every other demographic, including white women, black men, black women and latino women. (CNN didn’t have data for latino men.)


Overall, CNN showed whites voting for Sanders over Hillary (54% to 45%), while non-whites voted for Hillary over Sanders (63% to 37%) — that’s a 26 point lead.

Specifically, Sanders won whites over Hillary (54% to 45%), but got socked by the black vote, which Hillary won by a whopping 71% to 28% — that’s a 43 point lead. Latinos also went heavily for Hillary, by 59% to 41%.


The CNN exits also show that Sanders won 61% of those under 45, and Hillary won 61% of those 45 and over. But, and here’s the rub, the under 45 vote is only 41% of the electorate, whereas Hillary’s 45 and older vote is 59% of the electorate. So Hillary’s victory is much larger.

Also, the exits show a gender gap for Sanders. While 54% of men supported Sanders, 57% of women supported Hillary, giving Hillary a 14 point lead in that category. But it gets worse — women are 58% of the electorate, so again it helps Hillary even more.

CNN is currently projecting a 99% certainty that Hillary will win NYC, but I think the details of the electorate, and how each candidate fared, are far more interesting. Read the rest of the NY exits polls at CNN.

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