Trump lies 77% of the time

Donald Trump has a problem with the truth.

That’s the conclusion you reach after reviewing the analyses of independent fact-checker PolitiFact, which on a regular basis looks at the truthfulness of the various presidential candidates.

When you run the numbers, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the most truthful candidates. And while Clinton edges Sanders out a bit, it’s really basically a tie.

Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump, on the other than, is the least truthful candidate in the race. Clinton and Sanders tell the truth five times more than Trump (if you compare “true” and “mostly true” statements of the candidates).

And while Ted Cruz is more than twice as truthful as Trump, Cruz is still less than half as truthful as Clinton and Sanders.

When you look at the number of times that the candidates lie, Clinton and Sanders are again basically tied, and are at the bottom of the list — meaning, Clinton and Sanders lie the least. Cruz, however, lies 65% of the time, and Trump is the biggest fibber, with a whopping 77% of his comments being mostly false, false, or pants on fire falsehoods.

Here’s the breakdown from PolitiFact, with the raw numbers for each candidate below that.

True & Mostly True
Clinton: 51%
Sanders: 51%
Cruz: 22%
Trump: 9%

Mostly False, False & Pants on Fire
Trump: 77%
Cruz: 65%
Sanders: 31%
Clinton: 28%

And here are the numbers for Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, and Trump:


Sanderscruz trump

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