Trump tweets criticism of Cruz’s wife’s looks

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump late Wednesday appeared to attack Ted Cruz’s wife for not being pretty enough.

Trump made the attack in a tweet just before midnight.

Trump retweeted someone else comparing Trump’s wife Melania to Cruz’s wife Heidi. The tweet says: “A picture is worth a thousands words” above two photos of the candidate’s wives. The photo of Trump’s wife is glamorous, while Cruz’s wife appears to be snarling.

The clear implication is that Trump’s wife is pretty and Cruz’s is not.


Ted Cruz responded a half hour later:


Trump had threatened on Tuesday that he might attack Cruz’s wife in response to a Super PAC ad that reprinted a photo of a nude modeling spread that Melania had done for GQ back in 2000.



Trump has been criticized before for his sexism in this campaign. But this takes it to an entirely new level for Trump, and for any presidential candidate, let alone the GOP frontrunner.

Perhaps it’s time someone asked Mr. Cruz once again if he plans on supporting Trump if the mogul wins the nomination.

At some point, the Republican party needs to go all in against Trump, or accept the fact that this is the new face of the Republican party, and write-off women, gays, blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and young people forever.

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