Rafael Cruz warns that the next fight for the LGBT movement will be legalized pedophilia

Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s crazy uncle you try to ignore at Thanksgiving dad, told Buzzfeed earlier today that, now that marriage equality is the law of the land, the next fight for the LGBT movement will be legalized pedophilia.

“I think that’s the next thing that they’re going to push, to try to legalize pedophiles,” said Cruz, “Pedophilia, you have all these laws to forget about — we have laws on the books about statutory rape. You have to basically throw away the statutory rape laws to legalize pedophilia.”

Here is video of the exchange. Note the staffer who tries to cut off the question when they realize Cruz is going off the rails:

That legalized pedophilia is next on the docket for the LGBT movement is news to me. I thought the next fight for the LGBT movement was nationwide protections against housing and hiring discrimination. But I guess I was wrong, since no one knows what gays and lesbians really want better than this guy.

Cruz’s comments came after he spoke at a plenary panel on “Marriage and the Family” at the ninth World Congress of Families, a gathering of social conservatives currently taking place in Salt Lake City. However, he was asked about the LGBT community’s supposed affinity for pedophilia during the panel itself. From Buzzfeed:

Rafael Cruz, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Rafael Cruz, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

“Can you comment or include in your presentation the damage that is being done by the LGBT and what they have done to partner with the pedophilia and the 3 million children a year that are victimized by them?” asked the man, who identified himself as Pastor Martin of Dayton, Ohio, with a group called Protect the Innocents.

Cruz responded by warning of what he said was the danger of nondiscrimination laws such as one enacted in Houston in 2014. Opponents succeeded in getting it put to voters in a referendum which will be held next Tuesday.

Cruz’s comments were so far out there that even the World Congress of Families distanced themselves from them in a statement, saying through a spokeswoman that, “While Pastor Cruz’s remarks may represent his opinions, they are not those of the World Congress of Families. Collectively, the World Congress of Families’ agenda advocates for life and the natural family in a civil, constructive and transparent way.”

Somehow I doubt Ted Cruz gets asked about this at tonight’s debate.

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