Kim Davis gives up, will not challenge altered marriage licenses

Is it over? It sounds like it might be over. Kim Davis’s fifteen thirty too many minutes of fame might have finally run out. From NBC:

Lawyers for Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis say the marriage licenses issued by her office are binding — and no further action is required by a federal judge to change them.

“Marriage licenses are being issued in Rowan County, which [Kentucky Gov. Steven Beshear] and Kentucky attorney general have approved as valid, which are recognized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and which are deemed acceptable by the couples who received them,” her lawyers said in court filings Tuesday.

Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

A month ago, these same lawyers were fairly adamant that marriage licenses issued while she was in jail, which did not include her signature, were “void,” and vowed to fight them in court. The ACLU had also expressed concerns that the licenses issued by Davis’s office after she left court had been illegally altered, and would be vulnerable to court challenges down the road. But now that Davis has gotten her national exposure, meeting with the Pope and martyr award; and now that Liberty Counsel has gotten their national exposure and slate of new clients, they are all willing to give up the fight for their right to discriminate. This, after they had promised to never give up — ever — because doing so would amount to a sinful capitulation to the forces of evil against God’s word.

Remember how worried Davis was about “losing her voice” as a Christian activist in a government office? Well, she just gave it up willingly.

So Kim Davis has, in effect conceded that it isn’t a Hell-worthy sin for her to preside over an office that issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples. She can keep her job, and gays and lesbians can keep their marriages, and news outlets don’t have to send national correspondents to Rowan County, Kentucky every other week.

Throughout this entire process, Kim Davis has had a very simple choice to make: do her job, or resign. She has chosen to do her job, which is great.

An apology for the dignity, time and energy she took from the same-sex couples in her jurisdiction would be nice.

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