Jason Chaffetz admits Planned Parenthood investigation turned up bupkis

At this rate, the GOP is going to have to form a House Select Committee on Telling the Truth.

House Oversight Committee chair Jason Chaffetz admitted yesterday that the congressional inquiry into Planned Parenthood’s funding has come up empty, saying in a hearing, “Did I look at the finances and have a hearing specifically as to the revenue portion and how they spend? Yes. Was there any wrongdoing? I didn’t find any.”

You don’t say.

Chaffetz’s admission squares with all of the state-level investigations into Planned Parenthood that were launched as a result of a coordinated effort on the part of the GOP to make it look like they were selling baby parts for a profit. Those investigations, while hyped by their Republican instigators, have also returned zero evidence of wrongdoing. From the Huffington Post:

Jason Chaffetz, via Wikimedia Commons

Jason Chaffetz, via Don LaVange / Flickr

Chaffetz, a candidate for House speaker, grilled Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards during a five-hour hearing last week. He questioned her salary, asked about the organization’s expenses and revenues, and pressed Richards on why the group had revenue of $127 million last year if it’s a nonprofit. (Nonprofits put their revenues back into their programs.)

But after all that, he concluded that Planned Parenthood isn’t doing anything sketchy with its money. “Did we find any wrongdoing? The answer was no,” Chaffetz said.

As with Kevin McCarthy’s declaration last week that the congressional investigation into the 2011 Benghazi attacks is simply a political tool to make Hillary Clinton look bad, Chaffetz’s brief bout of honesty is likely to hurt his standing with the GOP base. It all but guarantees that his already-long shot bid to become Speaker will fail. Because the first rule of transparently political Republican investigations into fake liberal scandals is that you do not talk about transparently political Republican investigations into fake liberal scandals. These wastes of time and money only work if everyone keeps their game faces on — especially the people running them.

Don’t get Chaffetz wrong, though, he thinks Congress should keep on investigating Planned Parenthood in hopes of finding something other than a how-to guide on making the actual worst chart ever entered into the Congressional record. Because why not? They’re doing something he doesn’t like, which means that even if they’re doing it completely legally, they deserve to be harassed ad infinitum.

Jon Green graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Political Science and high honors in Political Cognition. He worked as a field organizer for Congressman Tom Perriello in 2010 and a Regional Field Director for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Jon writes on a number of topics, but pays especially close attention to elections, religion and political cognition. Follow him on Twitter at @_Jon_Green, and on Google+. .

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14 Responses to “Jason Chaffetz admits Planned Parenthood investigation turned up bupkis”

  1. mf_roe says:

    Shades of hog’s head fellatio allegation’s about the British PM. Ever read Kinsey’s findings on the greater levels of deviant behavior within the upper classes? The powerful want carte blanch restriction-less lives and the right to micro-manage the most intimate aspects of the subject class. What use power without oppression?

  2. mf_roe says:

    He has also changed his religious affiliation over the years. In grand ole American tradition he’ll do what ever it takes to win.

  3. BeccaM says:

    They knew — or should have — the instant it was reported the videos were doctors to make legal stuff appear to be both illegal and shocking. It’s really no different than if it had gone down like this:

    Day 1: Jason Chaffetz shown in videos to be talking about his love for buggering sheep.
    Day 2: The videos are proven to be obvious forgeries.
    Day 3: Investigations are begun to look into whether Chaffetz really has been buggering sheep, complete with local farmers called in to testify in committee as to whether their sheep had been buggered by a well-known Congressional Representative.

    This GOP BS is and always has been about an anti-woman agenda. It’s why they want to outlaw abortion and restrict access to contraceptives. It’s why they don’t want there to be equal pay laws or family leave. It’s why they want to eliminate funding for women’s health services and medical research.

  4. Demosthenes says:

    It’s never been about illegality under existing law. It’s al about mobilizing the GOP base and seeking to criminalize abortion.

  5. Naja pallida says:

    His Democratic leanings seemed to stem from familial ties, his half-brother is John Dukakis. While in college, he worked on the ’88 Dukakis campaign, but went Republican as soon as he met Ronald Reagan.

  6. mf_roe says:

    Changing someone else’s beliefs is an extremely difficult endeavor, when those beliefs are used to disguise hypocrisy and bigotry it is impossible When those beliefs are founded in True Faith it is useless to even try.

  7. mf_roe says:

    Members of Congress are EXEMPT from libel and slander laws. The intent was to protect members abilities to make charges of wrongdoing without fear of retaliation. As it often happens that law has worked in exact opposition to it’s purpose. The actual effect has been to enshrine lying under the protection of free speech.

  8. The_Fixer says:

    I don’t think these people will ever give up. That’s simply because they believe that they have GAWD on their side.

    I wonder if this will ever go away?

  9. MoonDragon says:

    These guys belong on Animal Planet, right along with the groups looking for bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

  10. Indigo says:

    Like the Benghazi Fiasco, it was a fabrication for the purpose of slander and libel. Really, there oughtta be a law prohibiting this bladerdash and poppycock the Republicans insist on puking upl.

  11. gratuitous says:

    Don’t worry, like the Energizer Bunny, Chaffetz will keep going and going, convinced that the lack of evidence is not necessarily evidence that Planned Parenthood is following the law to the letter. There must be something there! All his anti-woman constituents tell him so, and they wouldn’t lie just for a cheap political victory that harms millions of women, would they?

  12. mf_roe says:

    Pretty sure he actually was a Democrat earlier in his career. There is nothing to the guy except ambition. He is consistently demonstrating his total lack of real political skill. The limelight will take care of him in short order.

  13. Sally says:

    Next Chaffetz will become a Democrat. Not that we want him. But the GOP is ready to tar and feather him for actually telling the truth TWICE in a week. Horrors! Must be April Fool’s Day, or Obama put a spell on him, or he got into John’s liquor drawers.

  14. mf_roe says:

    The Hearings were a resounding SUCCESS. It was never about investigation and analysis. it was a PEP Rally for the pathetic rabble that can not abide the thought that all social structures require their members to compromise.

    The Pro Lifers staged a Revival and were intoxicated by their delusions. They at some level understand that they will never change the views of most people that accept the reality of the need for abortion. That fact drives them NUTS, and since all they have left is making false claims they will continue to lie and reject the views of others.

    The hearings were a great moral builder for a very dangerous group of people only too willing to impose their minority views on the majority. The Hearings were also a wonderful GIFT to those who want to accommodate the necessary use of abortion in our Health Care system, since the flaws of reason and of morality on the part of the Pro Lifers was openly displayed.

    I expect to see MORE support of Planned Parenthood because of these attacks.the fact that the enemies of Planned Parenthood got juiced up repeating their failed objections doesn’t diminish that success.

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