HERO gets endorsements from Obama, Biden and Clinton ahead of Election Day

Houston will vote on its Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) on Tuesday, and as the race nears its finish the law is picking up a set of high-profile endorsements.

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton tweeted her support for the measure, directly referencing Houston’s upcoming vote:

And later this afternoon, White House spokesman Jeff Tiller indicated that the measure had the support of both President Obama and Vice President Biden:

While the administration generally does not take a formal position on specific proposals or initiatives, the president and vice president have been strong supporters of state and local efforts to protect Americans from being discriminated against based on who they are and who they love. We’re confident that the citizens of Houston will vote in favor of fairness and equality.

Support HERO, via GLAAD

Support HERO, via GLAAD

HERO has also received endorsements from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (and former mayor of San Antonio) Julian Castro and actress Sally Field, who called the scaremongering ad campaign being run against the measure a set of “evil lies.”

That campaign has been defined by a series of videos that portray HERO as a subversive plot by politically correct LGBT activists to enact legal protections for child rapists. Really. That being the case, “evil lies” may not be strong enough in defining the campaign against the measure.

Heading into Election Day, supporters of HERO have a significant advantages in both fundraising and public opinion. However, the question remains whether, in an off-year election, those who support the measure will turn out at rates high enough to overcome what is sure to be a mobilized social conservative base.

The question also remains whether Beyonce, who activists are still hoping will lend her support to the measure, will say anything before Tuesday’s vote. As a pro-LGBT megastar and Houston native, her support would likely mean as much to securing HERO’s passage as Obama’s, Biden’s and Clinton’s combined.

(h/t Washington Blade)

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