It only took a couple of hours for Rainbow Doritos to send conservatives into a tizzy

Pretty soon, there isn’t going to be anything left for religious conservatives who insist on believing with their dollars to buy. That is, except for Duck Dynasty memorabilia and Chick-fil-a.

Rainbow Doritos, via It Gets Better

Rainbow Doritos, via It Gets Better

Doritos announced earlier today that it is launching a new line of rainbow-colored tortilla chips in conjunction with its partnership with the It Gets Better campaign. While the chips will not be sold in stores, you can go online and make a donation to It Gets Better — the anti-LGBT youth suicide initiative spearheaded by Dan Savage and Terry Miller — through their site, and they’ll send you a bag of chips that are only slightly more artificial than their original, delicious predecessors.

The chips will also be featured at this weekend’s Dallas Pride event. In a statement, the Doritos’s parent company, Frito-Lay, said they wanted to support the campaign, and the LGBT community, “in the boldest, most colorful way possible.”

Doritos is the latest in a long line of private enterprises analyzing market trends and determining that being pro-equality is pretty good business. This, of course, means that it is also the latest in a long line of companies that have driven conservatives to lose. their. minds. over the idea that they’re not in charge of our culture anymore.

As one might expect, the conservative movement isn’t taking the news well:

These guys can reconcile political change as something that Marxist-in-Chief Obama has imposed on them — something that President Trump or Cruz or Carson could fix. But Macy’s, Toys ‘R Us and Doritos? That’s actors in the private sector making free choices. And they’re choosing — almost unanimously — to give up the shrinking hate-based market share in favor of presenting themselves favorably to the rest of the public.

Because, honestly, if you’re mad about Doritos for being against teen suicide, you need to get up off the couch and go outside.

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