Duggar rehab sounds about as legit as Duggar sex ed

Following reports that Josh Duggar had multiple paid accounts on Ashley Madison and paid a Philadelphia woman $1,500 for what she described as “terrifying,” “rough” sex, Josh Duggar is checking into rehab.


Per Gawker, the rehab center Duggar will be attending for the next six months, Reformers Unanimous, sounds awfully similar to the Christian labor camp that Duggar is said to have attended when his parents found out that he was molesting his sisters:

Should this indeed be Josh’s home for the coming months, he just paid $7,500 to study the Bible and work for free for the next six months. Not at all unlike the time he spent at the facility that supposedly “cured” him of the perversions that caused him to molest five young girls in his teens.

Josh Duggar and Mike Huckabee, via Tengrain / Flickr

Josh Duggar and Mike Huckabee, via Tengrain / Flickr

The schedule for men at Reformers Unanimous, posted on their website, sounds an awful lot like what psychiatric counseling must have looked like circa 33 A.D. Men are expected to wake up at 4:30 AM, do manual labor for nine hours and spend their evenings studying the Bible. Phone calls, when permitted, are monitored. Outside music is banned. All conversation is to be “Christ-like” and, according to the organization’s rulebook, “Talking about old habits or lifestyles is against God’s word and is not permitted.” So forget about working through your demons, Josh; they’re going to cure you by making you work so hard and read so much Jesus that you’ll forget they ever existed.

And just in case you were under the misapprehension that Reformers Unanimous was in any way licensed to do anything medical, they’ve got a disclaimer to clear all that up:


As Gawker notes, it sounds like not only a rough but also a dangerous place to go through detox. And as many of Reformers Unanimous’s attendees are likely seeking to recover from physical addictions to drugs or alcohol, that’s a pretty dangerous thought.

As with the Duggar’s bafflingly, comically, criminally absurd sex-ed curriculum — the one that teaches girls that sex before marriage literally causes cancer — this “rehab” program seems to have very little to do with helping its attendees and everything to do with letting the Duggar family reassure itself that they’ve done a good Godly deed by throwing science out the window in the name of Christ.

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