Jon Stewart leads into interview with Rubio by ripping Florida

Jon Stewart had GOP Senator, and likely 2016 presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio on his show. But first, Stewart had a little chat about the state of Florida, where Rubio hails from.

Oh, it was quite juicy. While the segment was ostensibly about the state of Florida’s recent failed attempt to stop the marriages of gay couples in the state, it looked at a lot of other issues addressing Florida.


Among the Florida stories Stewart covered: How one person was arrested for attacking another with a lizard.

God bless Jon Stewart.

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  • dcinsider

    However, he did not force Rubio to defend his anti-gay marriage views on air. That was disappointing.

  • Indigo

    Florida is a swamp on top of a sand bar peninsula, 500 miles long, 150 miles wide, and about three feet deep. We foreground our follies because there’s no place to hide them.

  • The_Fixer

    I remember seeing a twitter account called, IIRC, “FloridaMan” that was chock full of stories like the ones Stewart sampled. Some are even more bizarre.

    Thing is, I started reading the past tweets one night and had to stop. I had spent a great deal of time reading them, then looking up at the clock and saying “Jeez, I gotta get to bed!”

    I wasn’t anywhere near finished reading them and the background stories that went with them, but had to get to sleep.

    Florida is a very strange place…

  • If you have a sense of humor and a thick skin, you come off well on a show like that. You just can’t get defenseless or petty. I thought Rubio did pretty well and I’m certainly no fan.

  • I can’t fathom why anyone from the right would want to go on The Daily Show… going into a battle of wits completely unarmed seems like a bad idea.

  • Indigo

    That was fun. A Florida resident myself, I didn’t hear anything we don’t say among ourselves anyhow. After all . . . it’s the sunshine. And the whacky . . . where else can you get that kind of live entertainment in your home state? Poor Marco, he’s a tool but I’m not sure who owns him, some Las Vegas investors maybe.

  • Drew2u

    The Florida part was great, but I never stick around for interviews with ilk, I’m usually fed up by that time of day to deal with any more bullshittery.

  • lynchie

    Saw this the other night. Stewart gave him the horn. Rubio tried to keep a sense of humor but you could see he was pissed. Wanted to come on kick Obama in the teeth, make his case why he should be President and the liberals are the plague on the earth. Didn’t go quite as planned

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