The continuing adventures of Congressman Codel, Aaron Schock

One has to wonder just how bad Peoria really is, judging by the seemingly never-ending world travels of its Republican congressman, shirtless perma-bachelor Aaron Schock.

Schock, who’s been serving in Congress since 2009, likes to travel, a lot. Almost as much as he enjoys taking his shirt off, while bragging about his vacations on Instagram and Twitter.

Depending on the day, Cong. Schock might be off surboarding in Hawaii:


Sunning himself in the Greek islands:


Or skiing in Utah (with a rare appearance of actual clothing):


What’s increasingly difficult to find Congressman Codel doing, however, is spending any time in (apparently) boring old Peoria.

Fortunately for Schock, he no longer has to worry about disclosing who exactly is paying for all of these lavish trips. After three decades of public reporting, the Republican-controlled US House of Representatives will no longer require members of Congress to disclose lavish foreign trips paid for by special interests. 

So fret not, Congressman Codel.

schock-travel-2 schock-3 aaron-schock-4 aaron-schock-travelYour secret is safe with us.schock-5

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