The continuing adventures of Congressman Codel, Aaron Schock

One has to wonder just how bad Peoria really is, judging by the seemingly never-ending world travels of its Republican congressman, shirtless perma-bachelor Aaron Schock.

Schock, who’s been serving in Congress since 2009, likes to travel, a lot. Almost as much as he enjoys taking his shirt off, while bragging about his vacations on Instagram and Twitter.

Depending on the day, Cong. Schock might be off surboarding in Hawaii:


Sunning himself in the Greek islands:


Or skiing in Utah (with a rare appearance of actual clothing):


What’s increasingly difficult to find Congressman Codel doing, however, is spending any time in (apparently) boring old Peoria.

Fortunately for Schock, he no longer has to worry about disclosing who exactly is paying for all of these lavish trips. After three decades of public reporting, the Republican-controlled US House of Representatives will no longer require members of Congress to disclose lavish foreign trips paid for by special interests. 

So fret not, Congressman Codel.

schock-travel-2 schock-3 aaron-schock-4 aaron-schock-travelYour secret is safe with us.schock-5

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  • PauloBrignallpib

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  • Island In The Sky

    Up next for Cong Schock? Circuit party in Rio! Seriously, though: he must be paying off his rent boys pretty well to stay quiet this long.

  • DRoseDARs

    Because you’re all thinking it: I’d kick money out of politics, but wouldn’t kick Aaron out of my bed. I’d let him lobby me all night and day, probably into the next night too if he could stop with the selfies long enough.

  • Drew2u

    I’d hate to think of Schock and Palin on a ticket together. I mean, who is going to keep the shoes??

  • atalex

    Oh, god! In that last one, he’s wearing a Matt Drudge trilby. Now that Matt Smith and Bill Nye have made bow-ties halfway respectable (after Tucker Carlson nearly ruined them), the trilby is the clearest indicator we have of utter douche-baggery.

  • And with all that traveling around, he never seems to do anything interesting.

  • Butch1

    It must be tiresome having to hide behind a beard all of the time.

  • BrianG

    I meant today’s GOP

  • BrianG

    Last time a Democrat represented Peoria was 100 years ago during the Wilson administration. Back when Democrats were white supremacist, states rights pols, just like today.

  • BrianG

    Peoria, Illinois will never find out. The Peoria Journal Star has never in my forty years of memory ever printed a negative article on a Republican incumbent. Peoria suffers from an inferiority complex and overcompensates with excessive boosterism. The press does not act critically. Schock has a long history of corruption from Notarygate, to violating campaign finance limits to help out Kinzinger, to Donor bundling with Mike Grimm.

  • timncguy

    I’m sure they find this more acceptable than electing a democrat

  • I’ve been there, and I’m sure it’s staged. Who does this as a member of Congress? I just can’t imagine that Peoria finds this cool.

  • He’s had a lot of practice :)

  • I worked on the Hill, and I’ve worked in politics in DC for 25 years, and I have never seen any politician so blatantly promoting themself and their vacations around the world. Especially a politician from a relatively small town in farm country. It’s bizarre. Reminds me of Mike Deaver’s infamous TIME cover that many believe was the turning pt in his career (for the worse), as it was one brag too far.,16641,19860303,00.html

  • Him and Putin, huh?

  • The_Fixer

    One has to wonder if the good people of Peoria will ever ask themselves “How does he afford this?” and “Who’s paying, and what does he owe them in exchange?”

    Forget the possibility of him being gay and his anti-gay rights stance for a moment. Whose bidding is he doing?

    I would hope that the people who elected him will take note of his junketing and decide to not return him to office.

    I was in Peoria a long time ago. It truly was boring. Of course, it was a Sunday, so that may have had something to do with it. One visit was enough to convince me to not make a return. Nice enough little city, but snail races seem more exciting than that town.

    Of course, once you get out of the Chicago metro area, most of Illinois is conservative, so Peoria is not the exception.

  • hidflect

    The poor man has lost all his chest hair. I hope the doctors can help him recover…

  • keirmeister

    Am I the only one who keeps misreading his Facebook name (remove the “h”)?

  • Indigo

    He galvants well.

  • olandp

    So this is how he celebrates the birth of “our Lord and savior”?

    By the way, as I read on JMG that tango picture is staged on the street for a fee, he isn’t dancing and his beautiful “partner” is actually sitting down.

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