Store defends toddler toy containing photo of girl slitting her wrist

In a bizarre story from Ohio, a dollar store owner is defending selling a magic wand toy for toddlers that includes weird satanic laughter and a hidden photo of a little girl slitting her wrists.

This is the actual photo that’s hidden under the reflective surface of the magic wand. Mind you, the package says this is for “ages 3 & up.”


I am not kidding. There’s local news coverage of the controversy from News Center 7, from Dayton.

The owner, when interviewed by the local media, admitted that perhaps the toy isn’t entirely appropriate for two-year-olds, but he’d be fine selling it to five-year-olds. So he won’t be removing it from his shelves.

The owner added that the toy is called “Evilstick,” so the parents were forwarned. Of course, the toy is in the toddler section, next to a pretty little doll named “Chloe,” so it’s not like parents should know that “Evilstick” is going to perhaps intimate that their kids should kill themselves.

I’m really not making this up.

And it’s not like the girl slashing her wrists is entirely hidden either. While it’s under a reflective coating, the wand has a light that flashes, and which then shows the photo through the coating. It was that suggestion of an image that convinced one little girl to pull back the coating and find the image of the girl killing herself.

Here’s the wand with the original metallic coating:


And here’s the wand once you remove it:


And, as for the manager’s claims that parents should have checked the toy out first, the local news reports that the packaging promises “fairies” and “wonderful music.” In fact, the wonderful music is a satanic laugh. And there are no faeries, just a young girl killing herself.

I can’t believe this kind of thing isn’t regulated. And I really can’t believe the store owner is defending selling this to five-year-olds. Here’s what he told the local news, noting that while it might be too much for a toddler, it would be okay “for a five, six, seven, 10-year-old, I mean they see that on TV everyday.”

Uh huh.

Here’s Lauren Clark’s report from News Center 7:

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