Stephen Colbert: Anatomy of a GOP hatchet job (video)

I’m going to miss this Stephen Colbert.

He reports on an interesting little story from the other day, that perfectly illustrates the GOP noise machine.

You see, President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to be his new Attorney General nominee. A Breitbart writer flipped out, since everyone knows Loretta Lynch was involved in Whitewater, that Clinton-era scandal that no one actually cared or cares about, and Colbert refers to as the “Benghazi” of its day.

Of course, as luck would have it, Breitbart got its Loretta Lynchs confused. It seems a different Loretta Lynch was involved in Whitewater. But as Colbert shows, it’s an honest mistake — the two women look an awful lot alike:

by default 2014-11-12 at 9.49.32 PM

Another interesting thing Colbert notes is that the “correction” from Breitbart, that they got the entire story wrong, was posted at the END of the story. In other words, the entire wrong story was left up, and you had to get to the end for the “never mind.” Which led Colbert to note, at the end of his segment, that Breitbart did in fact finally take the story down, leading him to amend his claim that they’re “craven political hatchet men.”


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