In one tweet, Anderson Cooper destroys woman angered that he came out

We love her.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper gets tweeted by a woman who is apparently quite concerned that he came out a while back and acknowledged that he’s gay.

Anderson was having none of it.


And here’s Lexie’s Twitter profile photo that Anderson was referring to:

by default 2014-11-05 at 1.37.32 PM

OMG, it’s Odo!


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  • wmforr

    Oooo! I love a catty queen.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Clickbait headline alert!

    I would have thought that he “destroys” her by replying in a way that has anything to do with her remarks. Instead he just resorts to playground insults. I understand his annoyance but he’s above this.

  • olandp

    No, you’re not. I’m a bit more selective in my friendships.

  • woodroad34

    And intelligence or sophistication

  • FriendofPoopyhead

    Not really. I am your friend. And olandp’s.

    You should wear a hat.

  • FriendofPoopyhead

    Yes. I am your friend.

  • dcinsider

    six days, twenty-three minutes. :)

  • vickif

    You are so correct.

  • Zorro

    She simply doesn’t think her tweets through much.

  • emjayay

    Of course, what they clearly most obsess on is the buttsecks. Lesbians do not apparently exist for them. (Check out the predictable comments on any gay marriage item on Yahoo News or I suppose any not specifically liberal site.)

  • emjayay

    Two years and four months ago.

  • Butch1

    That’s funny.

  • Butch1

    With a person as petty and homophobic as she, the best way to handle her was with humor and he did it brilliantly well in my opinion.

  • Butch1

    She just didn’t type the last word “much” into her tweet.

  • Butch1

    I think that is what bothers her the most.

  • Butch1

    Still using “preference” as the modifier to describe orientation is a dead giveaway to, not only her perspective, but age as well.

  • dcinsider

    Anderson Cooper’s gay?

  • 2patricius2

    I moved to Illinois from St. Louis almost 20 years ago. I was born in and lived in St. Louis and the surrounding suburbs most of my life – except for the years I went to school in other states. Most of my family lives in the St. Louis area. Many of my friends live there. Though I have no intention or desire to move back, I am very happy that marriage equality is now coming to the state, though it may take a while for the final decision to be made by the State Supreme Court. St. Louis and KC have been ahead of the curve in the state for quite some time. LGBT people and their allies deserve kudos for the many years of hard work they have been doing in often very difficult situations.

  • olandp

    Are you sure you’re just a friend of Poopyhead?

  • ComradeRutherford

    Look at that photo closely, look at the hands. This is clearly someone in their 50s or 60s who have photoshopped their face to look like they are in their 30s. Imagine hating yourself *that* much.

  • ComradeRutherford


    “I don’t understand, I hated everyone my pastor and Fox ‘News’ told me to hate.”

  • ComradeRutherford

    Hey, Lexie, the world didn’t want to know that you are a typical hate-filled bigoted Conservative whose only happiness in life is in making everyone else miserable, but that didn’t stop you anyway.

  • BillFromDover

    Wadda call a lessie… obviously sexually attracted to a gay she knows she can’t have?

    Hows about last nights election results?

  • FriendofPoopyhead

    No, that’s wrong. Not when you’re well-known andor have some good professional standing.


    Only 23 tweets, following 80, 9 followers, account locked down.

    Must’ve been on a bender. One of many benders.

  • Zorro

    When did Anderson Cooper come out? Over a year ago, I think. She’s been stewing on this for so long and claims she doesn’t care?

  • Mike F

    She’s a little late for the bus, no? Geez…

    Somewhat OT, but here in St. Louis, a Circuit court judge just declared Missouri’s anti-SSM law unconstitutional:

    While this only applies to the City of St. Louis, it will likely lead to further court action, which will probably lead to a complete statewide repeal of the amendment to the state’s constitution. I’m not a legal scholar, just a working guy, so if I’m incorrect in my statements, mea culpa.

    My headline would read:

    “City of St. Louis Tells Missour-ah to Suck It”

    The link has pix and tweets of couples applying for marriage licenses. Mazel tov, folks!

  • Interesting. So she doesn’t care but she’s tweeting him about it to make sure he knows how much she doesn’t care. No really, she’s not the least bit interested!

  • 2karmanot

    “OMG It’s Odo!” —–that is very hilarious…..

  • TampaZeke

    And isn’t it funny that the very people who always claim that the world doesn’t care about our sexual “preference” are the very same people who seem to be OBSESSED with all things gay and never shut up about their opinions of gay people/relationships/sex?

    Honestly, homophobes think about homosexuality and anal sex more than I EVER have!

  • The whole point of Twitter is to engage with petty randos.

  • Fireblazes

    It is so nice he can dish the bitch.

  • Meow!

  • FriendofPoopyhead

    I disagree. I think engaging with petty randos is beneath Anderson Cooper. They are not equals. There are better battles for Anderson to fight.

  • woodroad34

    And they all talk for God. I always amazes me when I think back on the 70’s and how conservatives used to say the “me-ism” of liberals was going to destroy the country (if not the world)–it was “opposite day” even back then. God, if there is one, will just laugh at them at the time of judgement.

  • CattyNineTails

    Understanding why it’s “sexual orientation” and not “sexual preference” really separates the women from the girls.

  • FLL

    The world wasn’t interested in hearing about your sexual preference…

    Ever notice how bigots claim to represent “the world” rather than one misguided individual?

  • HereinDC

    2 Snaps in a circle!

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