Drone Boning, intelligent drones “that learn,” and freaky robots

I hadn’t heard about this one. Stephen Colbert does a segment on a new film, “Drone Boning,” that’s a voyeuristic take on aerial drones.

The film recruited volunteers to have sex while a drone flew over. The film is shot well, with beautiful music, and is actually artistically interesting. It’s also something I can’t post here, but you can go see it on Vimeo.

Colbert then gets into the issue of drones that learn. Apparently, DARPA is working on creating drones that can learn as they go alone.

What could possibly go wrong, Colbert notes, with arming a weapon, setting it free, and giving it a mind of its own.

Speaking of terrifying new technology, here’s a robot being worked on by a company owned by Google. It practices its human-like balancing skills.

I’m not one who’s actdually afraid of technology. But it’s not implausible that machines that are taught to think might one day think bad thoughts.

Did I say “overlords”? I meant “protectors.”

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