Ted Cruz’s office says Obamacare brought Ebola to US

In a bizarre message posted on Twitter this evening, Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s deputy chief of staff Nick Muzin apparently posted a message on Twitter suggesting that Obamacare caused Ebola.

Judd Legum of ThinkProgress copied the tweet before it was deleted. I confirmed with Legum that he did in fact see the Tweet live on Muzin’s Twitter feed, before it was deleted.

Muzin has since apologized on his Twitter account for the “joke.”

Here it is:

by default 2014-10-23 at 10.07.05 PM

And here is Muzin’s apology:

by default 2014-10-23 at 10.07.50 PM

You think?

It’s rather amazing that the #2 person in Ted Cruz’s office — Cruz, a man who wants to be president in two years time — would claim, even jokingly, that health care reform brought Ebola to America.

Who would joke about Ebola in America, at a time when the nation is transfixed by a press conference in NYC announcing that a doctor in that city has just tested positive for Ebola? We find out that Ebola has hit New York City and Ted Cruz’s office’s initial reaction is to laugh.

And don’t be fooled by the 6pm time stamp. Judd saw it at 9pm. And another copy of the tweet is dated exactly 3 hours later — meaning, a different time zone. The tweet appears to have gone out at 9:19pm Eastern time, after CNN had announced the Ebola case in New York City. Ted Cruz’s deputy chief of staff apparently heard that Ebola had struck New York City, and he made a joke about it.


Not very presidential. But terribly Republican.

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29 Responses to “Ted Cruz’s office says Obamacare brought Ebola to US”

  1. Drew2u says:

    Two things:
    1: What are other countries’ responses to the Ebola crisis? How many Doctors Without Borders workers are from not-USA? How are there no cases of Ebola in other countries, especially with most people coming from West Africa having to transfer in a separate country?
    2: I got a letter from my health insurance company saying they’re dropping everyone in my county from their plan and that I need to choose a different plan through the ACA before the end of the year. Anyone else experience this? I got this insurance through the ACA to begin with and now, without even using it at all in 2014, I’m being dropped. ‘Splain, plz?

  2. carla874 says:

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  3. BillFromDover says:

    I can picture it now:

    Arpaio ’16.

  4. vickif says:

    Good one

  5. AdmNaismith says:

    Judging by this statement I an forced to conclude his degree is purely honorary.

    There was never a case of Ebola in the US until Nick Muzin got a twitter account- coincidence?

  6. Phylter says:

    Note to Republicans, don’t “do” jokes. you’re all crap at it. You’re NOT funny, so leave it alone.

  7. RNegron says:

    Before Saint Ronnie there was no AIDS in America.

  8. HKAnders says:

    Before Donald Trump sucked donkey ass, there had never been a confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S. Coincidence?

  9. sonoitabear says:

    “Sheriff” Richard Mack says Cuban-Canadian Cruz is ineligible to run for President…

  10. jomicur says:

    Jesus Christ! I’m old enough to remember a time when clucks like Cruz would have been laughed at and ridiculed till they shut up and went away. Not today. Today they are lionized, paid fantastic amounts of cash to spout rubbish and win huge political followings. Even Joe McCarthy got slapped down, ultimately. If Tailgunner Joe were alve today and active in politics, he’d be a made man.

  11. Demosthenes says:

    One can only hope that Sen. Cruz’s upcoming 2016 presidential campaign is run with similar levels of tact and understanding.

  12. annAnnMOwenann says:

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  13. HKAnders says:

    Before Ted Cruz was elected to the United States Senate, there had never been a confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S. Coincidence?

  14. marknc says:

    Before Ted Cruz became a Senator, there had never been an Ebola case in America – no wonder it started in Texas.

  15. Indigo says:

    I’m pretty sure the new medical oath is something along the lines of “charge as much as possible.”

  16. Indigo says:

    Thinking outside the box sometimes takes curious twists and turns. There are times when it’s best to stay inside the box. The difficulty is that extremists of every stripe and color do not reflect before announcing their latest travesty. And as travesties go, this one should have enough umph to knock Ted Cruz and his cabal out of office. Of course, it being Tejas, that won’t happen.

  17. timncguy says:

    This man, Nick Muzin, is a DOCTOR. Shouldn’t someone be looking into investigating him to see whether his license should be revoked? Wouldn’t making this kind of “scare” statement, be inconsistent with his oath to “first, do no harm”?

  18. Sally says:

    Hey, GOP, maybe it would be a good time to affirm a new Surgeon General? Oh, sorry, that would mean you approved of someone the President wanted. My bad.

  19. Sally says:

    Before Donald Trump bankrupted another casino, there was no Ebola. If this doctor flew from West Africa into NYC planning to visit a Trump casino, Trump should apologize for owning casinos and go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.

  20. LasloPratt says:

    Under George W. Bush, the solar system lost 11% of its planets!

  21. MichaelS says:

    Before sequestration, there had never been an Ebola case in the U.S.
    Before the Republicans gerry-mandered the election and took Congress, there had never been an Ebola case in the U.S.
    Before voter photo ID cards, there had never been an Ebola case in the U.S.
    Before the Tea Party, there had never been an Ebola case in the U.S.
    Case closed.

  22. ipaglabanangpinas says:

    Before Ted Cruz was born, there was no stupidity in America.. What a stupid idiot Ted Cruz is..Shows how much he knows about anything..

  23. BeccaM says:

    He was also serving in the Dubya Administration when 9/11 happened. Coincidence?

  24. Sam_Handwich says:

    the stupidity is spreading!


  25. Lynn in VA says:

    Cruz fillibustered, and people in the US start contracting Ebola….. coincidence? Hmmmm

  26. Max_1 says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  27. Max_1 says:

    Before Ted Cruiz was born there was no Ebola in America…
    … Just sayin’.

  28. Ty Morgan says:

    Texas needs to start looking long and hard RIGHT NOW to find something to replace this fool come next election.

  29. caphillprof says:

    Before Ted Cruz, the US had no Ebola.

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