Lindsey Graham is thinking of running for president

Conservative Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says he’s thinking of running for president.

Which should be interesting, as Graham has been dogged for years about speculation as to whether he’s gay.

First, the Weekly Standard’s interview with Graham in which Graham announces the big news:

In a recent, hour-long interview, Lindsey Graham said if he is reelected to the Senate in November, he will begin exploring a bid for the presidency….

In our interview, Graham repeatedly spoke of the challenges that will face the next president because of the mistakes made under Obama. And he suggested that he might just be the one to fix them.

“If I get through my general election, if nobody steps up in the presidential mix, if nobody’s out there talking​—​me and McCain have been talking​—​I may just jump in to get to make these arguments,” Graham said.

To many observers, myself included, Graham comes across as gay. Stereotypically so, in fact. If you google “Is Lindsey Graham gay?”, you get a lot of results questioning the senator’s sexual orientation. The speculation is real.


And while speculation and rumors do not in fact mean that someone is gay, the issue here is why Graham, who often faces such speculation, even from a recent primary opponent, would subject himself to the rigorous scrutiny of a presidential campaign.


The first possibility is that Graham isn’t gay at all, and thus there’s no there-there to be found, or disclosed, on the campaign trail — so he’s not worried about what revelations might pop up along the way.

And if Graham were a known and flaming heterosexual, I, as a campaign adviser, might be less concerned about putting him further in the public eye. But considering that Graham’s big on-the-record denial included a saucy reference to Ricky Martin, I’m less than sanguine.

The second possibility is that Graham is gay, and thinks he can keep the big secret. And he wouldn’t be the first high-powered Washingtonian who thought his sexual peccadilloes could be kept under wraps. Political egos are large and in charge. And they often fail politicians, particularly where sex is involved.

The third, and I think likely, scenario is one in which Graham is doing all he can to butch himself up for the re-elect this fall. He wants to take no chances that the “he’s really gay” chatter might detract from his overall turnout. So, short of getting married, what better move than to hint that he might just run for president?

After all, a closeted homosexual would never seriously consider running for president, the logic goes, lest his secret be discovered. So the fact that Graham is considering running means he must not have any secrets!

We’ll let God and the voters sort it out.

Lindsay Graham chick-fil-a

Lindsey Graham celebrating the anti-gay Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

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