Costco commies: “Our employees deserve Thanksgiving with their families”

Helping to cement its growing reputation as a commie front, Costco announced that it will be giving its 127,000 employees the day off on Thanksgiving.

Costco’s “Black Friday” sales will therefore begin on, you know, Friday.

Costco revealed its un-American plot to ThinkProgress.

costcoIn all seriousness, Costco has long had a reputation for being good to its employees.

Contrast that to Walmart (which discriminated against people with disabilities, cut back employee and spousal health coverage, keeps selling assault weaponssold a book about curing gays, and my personal favorite, was the only store willing to decorate a birthday cake for a child named Adolf Hitler) and Whole Foods (run by a right-wing wacko).

I remember talking to a woman working at Costco during one of my recent visits, and asked her about how employees were treated by the company. She gushed with admiration for her bosses. Then told me she used to work at Walmart, and how they had to work holidays all the time at Walmart. But not at Costco.

The Washington Post has more on what makes Costco such a unique company:

The decision is in keeping with the ethos at Costco, which has long shrugged off Wall Street’s complaints about how well it pays its retail workers (Costco even gave raises during the recession). A 2013 report put the company’s average hourly wage at $20.89, far above the minimum wage. It showers employees with good benefits, from low health-insurance premiums to matching and profit-sharing contributions in their 401(k) plans.

And while longtime CEO James D. Sinegal left the helm in 2012, Costco appears to be sticking with its knitting under his successor, Craig Jelinek. The new CEO has spoken out publicly for an increase in the minimum wage and has pledged to maintain his predecessor’s approach to employees. “If you treat consumers with respect and treat employees with respect, good things are going to happen to you,” he told Bloomberg BusinessWeek last year.

Walmart, on the other hand — its problems continue to this day.

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