Benedict Cumberbatch’s audition for The Hobbit (video)

Benedict Cumberbatch, of “Sherlock” and Khan (from the new Star Trek films) fame, auditioned for the part of the dragon Smaug in the recent film “The Hobbit.”

I couldn’t stand “The Hobbit,” and I love the book and the “Lord of the Rings” movies, but nonetheless, Cumberbatch was masterful in his audition.

Here it is:

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  • wmforr

    I disagree, but will not give a long lecture on the inevitability of a movie not being the book. See Nabokov, “It is not a film of my book. It is a great film, but it is not a film of my book.”

    I will just ask you to see Ralph Bakshi’s film of LotR, and then decide which you would rather have.

  • AleishaHansfordsyd

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  • Wilberforce

    I hated all of the Lord of the Rings movies. For one thing, the director re-wrote way too much. The one great scene was Gandalf against the Balrog, with his staff sending a spere of light. But of course, he didn’t film the cross of swords, when the Balrogs sword flies up in molten shards.
    And as Hollywood always does, he removed every scrap of educated culture, in order not to make the public feel like the selfish and ignorant rubes they are.

  • Having worked on the fringes of the television and movie business for about ten years now, people in that world work on totally different time scales than the rest of the us. They will call to inquire about hiring you, make no firm commitments, you’ll hear absolutely nothing for six months, a year, sometimes more, and then suddenly they’ll show up, with next to no notice, and expect you to drop everything because you spoke before. Then they’ll tell you to be on set at a certain time, and more often than not you will find yourself literally waiting around for hours, sometimes even days, until they call you to do your part. Then you’ll do everything, it’ll seem like it went really well, and the director will still ask you to redo it two or three more times, just so they make sure they have enough footage to edit your scene down to a fraction of a moment. I’ve literally been paid for 3 days of my time, for 3 seconds of my work on screen. On the plus side, they pay really well. Which makes all the annoyances quite worth it, assuming you don’t have somewhere else you need to be while you step into the twilight zone.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Okay, here’s a gift for you guys:
    Be certain to check out the link that’s labeled as, “Shirtless Benedict”.

    Also, he’s great on The Graham Norton Show. I particularly like him trying to walk like Beyonce and the discussion about his inability to pronounce penguin.

  • keirmeister

    After the auditions, he didn’t hear back for a year. Wow, movie people take even longer to get back to you than HR people. Who knew?

  • Ditto.

  • Same here

  • Indigo

    He can be whatever he wants to be. I’ll watch it.

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